How to Buy Diamond at Wholesale

Buying a

diamond could be an expensive affair. However, owning to the fact that diamonds are rare and have limited supply, you can be rest assured about the return on your investment. Moreover, diamonds are a timeless favorite. No other stone can express your love like a piece of diamond can do. Thankfully, there are ways to purchase these precious stones at discounted rates.

If you choose to buy them online, you can get good discounts on the original price. Acclaimed online jewelry portals like Union Diamond offer diamond jewelry at a wholesale rate. Moreover, some of these online stores also provide a mind boggling collection for wedding and engagement in gold, silver, platinum and palladium jewelry in order to ensure that you get everything from one store.  There are several other ways to shop for diamonds.

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Tips on Buying Diamond for Less

Just because you are shopping for loose diamonds does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality. Consider checking the four C’s of diamond to be rest assured about the quality. Here are the useful tips.

  • Consider the clarity grade – You can find out the clarity grade of any diamond jewelry by checking its diamond certificate. Diamonds with clarity grade not higher than SI2 are cheaper. Although these items have some inclusions, they look perfect with the naked eye. Nobody will be able to notice the blemishes, while you can enjoy a low rate.


  • Opt for wholesale diamonds – One way to lower the price is by buying in bigger quantities. This enables you to purchase diamonds at wholesale rates. You can also buy wholesale diamond jewelry online. It is a chance for you to buy diamond directly from the producer. As there is no middleman involved in the process, you can expect surprisingly low rates.


  • Consider weight – You can also save a lot by opting for a less than one carat diamond. One carat is equal to 200 mg or 100 pt. If you opt for a little lightweight piece, you can you can save a good amount of money. For instance, an 80 pt diamond would look almost as large a one carat piece. However, the difference in pricing would be considerable.


  • Avoid round shapes – Unless you are very particular about the shape, it would be a good idea to avoid round shaped diamonds, because they look smaller than diamonds in other shapes, such as, oval and marquise. In this way, you can buy a piece that looks large yet costs less.

Also note that your diamond jewelry could look bigger in certain designs and patterns.  For instance, you can opt for Tulip or Tiffany setting items that make the stone look larger.

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Proposal Tuesday

5 Things Your Photographer Wishes You Knew

There are many things you will remember about your wedding day, and we hope that this list of “what a photographer wishes they could tell you” will help your wedding be full of awesome memories.

1) If you are a woman that wears your hair down everyday of your life, you are going to hate all your wedding photos with your hair up.  It is NOT a rule that you have to wear your hair in a “up do” on your wedding day…. and if you normally don’t like your hair up, you will not like it up in your wedding photos, either.

2) Please do not plan an outdoor wedding in August.  This might only apply to the warmer states like my home town of Orlando Florida, however, I have seen way too many bright red faces ruining the wedding photos.

3) Tanning is not your friend right before your wedding.  We all want to look our best for our wedding day, and I have witnessed plenty of “orange brides”….. all in the attempt of trying to look better on their wedding day.  If you do not regularly tan and get photographed please do not use those precious few days before your wedding as a test run.

4) Hire a professional hair and makeup person.  I know that your friend is really good at it and she always looks great in her photos she posts online. However, I can not count how many times the entire wedding day runs late, because your friend doesn’t know how to manage getting 4-8 grown women finished with complete hair and makeup… in the allotted time you planned for. It almost NEVER works out the way you think. (This might actually be my new number one lol..)

5) Photoshop is not a magic wand.  Please do not think your photographer is able to edit over a thousand photos to get rid of a bruise off your arm, leg or body.  Photoshop is meant to enhance a photo, so please use makeup to cover a bruise and have realistic expectations of what your photographer can edit.

Lady Luck Engagaed

I love the Vegas sign graveyard but Joe Latter incorporated all that Vegas has to offer into this session.  Lady Luck, Nightlife, Gorgeous Sunsets and a sprinkle of GLAM!

vegas engagement session

vegas engagement

vegas engagement

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French Chateau Wedding

French inspired Boudoir | Boudoir Friday

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