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Unique Wedding Guest “Books”

After months of planning and making sure every detail of your big day is all set, your wedding day is about appreciating the special and life changing moments. Here are a few unique ways of remembering all of those who celebrated your new beginning with you!


Northern Owl Creations- 100 Piece Wedding Heart Puzzle for Wedding Guest Book with Heart Tabs


Gathered Nest Designs- Hearts & Wood Background Wedding Guestbook Alternative Art Print


Alphabet Canvas- Wedding Guest Book Wood Wrapped Canvas


My Wedding Reception Ideas- Guest Signing Stone in Glass Vase

Action Packed Marry Me Monday

I have never seen this kind of proposal before! Can you believe the amount of work and effort this guy went through to create a fake action film with his girlfriend to be able to propose to her in the most EPIC way?! How creative and adorable!


Happy Boudoir Friday

Accessorizing Your Honeymoon

A definite highlight of marriage is taking off as husband and wife to the honeymoon, where you’ll have a moment to exclusively celebrate your new life ahead. Any vacation aspires to be relaxing and stress-free, but packing for a trip can afflict a sudden spur of panic over women, especially. There are the over-packers who have to worry about making airline requirements, and the under-packers who question if anything is being left behind. Set all your troubles aside, cause we’ve compiled an unforgettable list of the small essential decors of the body that can elevate your newlywed look to a brand new height.

  1. Covered in layers (of gold)




Given that honeymoons are usually in tropical areas, you probably won’t be wearing much clothing, so accessorizing is the perfect way to let out your inner fashionista on your island getaway. Speaking of which, bathing suits are among the most common articles stuffed into luggages. Adding this decadent white gold diamond necklace from UneekJewelry.com over your baring skin can show what your wifey bod is worthwhile strutting on a white sand beach.


2.         Diamonds are forever



After soaking up the sun during the day, “couples retreat” moves to the restaurant or bar of the resort where the night begins. This elegant diamond pendant from SNQueens.com can hang loose on a ravishing evening gown to spark things up & remind yourself to stay forever young.

3.         Eternal love




Bengals never seem to be out of style. If you’re looking for a classy yet casual look, this is it. This multi-colored eternity diamond bengal from 1800LooseDiamonds.com set is the sure match to every outfit, from casual to formal. Not only will it go with everything (and every color), they’re just fun to have and wear!


4.         Ocean view



If you can’t beat them, join them. There is no competing with the endless sparkle of the ocean, but you can totally be matchy-matchy with the deep blue. Whether you leave your hair up or down, there’s no way these dazzling white gold diamond earrings from BridalRings.com are being avoided or unseen.


5.         Talk to the ring-s



Your wedding band doesn’t have to be the only thing dressing up your hand post-marriage. Share the light with your other nine friends. Not all honeymoons are tropical; we get that. If you’re headed to a romantic getaway, destination: Europe or the UK, we’ve got you covered.

This precious versatile gem from Barkevs.com can be worn cross-seasonal (and continental). The amethyst is a calming meditative stone, which is the place you want to be after all the craziness involved with wedding planning and executing. The diamond rim accent gives the stone the stage to work on.

6 Ways Couples Can Compromise on Their Decorating

Whether you are recently engaged and preparing to move in together, or you’ve been in the same home for months or even years, finding the right balance of his and hers touches in home design can be a bit of a struggle. I’ve come up with the best ways couples can compromise to make for some awesome home décor schemes—without you having to pull your hair out.

  1. Create Individual Wish Lists

Sit down and create separate wish lists for what each of you would like in your dream home décor. Don’t do this together; it’s important you get all of your desires out there without interference. Once you have it completed, go through the lists one by one together. Hopefully some of them will overlap, but even if they don’t, you’ll at the very least have a great starting point. Choose the design ideas you might be able to part with, and be adamant about the ones that are non-negotiable, and be prepared for your partner to do the same.

  1. Go Modern

If you’re looking to stay current, you won’t go wrong with ordering any of the modern products from TouchofModern.com. There are a variety of items that will whet his or her style whistle, and serve some great practicality. A Banksy-inspired canvas might be the art piece you both love, or some cool and state-of-the-art bartending items will make guests’ jaws drop in awe. Perhaps you can incorporate some metal artwork that he will enjoy to give your home lovely, clean lines in one fell swoop.

  1. Getting Rid of Old Items

If you are going to require your partner to throw away old items that you can’t stand, expect to do the same for them. A purge of items that the other hates is necessary when you’re attempting to meld two different design ideas. If you simply can’t bear to part with what your partner hates, then think about selecting a room in the house where you can each do your completely own design, along with said items that you want to keep. These rooms will be off limits to the other in terms of design, and all other rooms in the house will be shared. This makes compromising much easier and may mean you don’t have to throw away that raggedy old poster you’ve had since college (but which still holds a ton of meaning for you).

  1. Find New Art

If you’d like to purchase some new art, make sure you do your shopping together. Different art likes and dislikes may mean you and your partner are polar opposites in terms of what you think will look good in your home. There are various ways to solve this issue. Consider doing some tasteful boudoir shots that you can hang in your private bedroom. This can serve well as a surprise gift, too—two birds with one stone, ladies! If you’d prefer an art piece, look together at a website like 20×200.com for various, ever-changing styles of print that will help you find the right fit for your home. These prints are available in a wide array of sizes and price points, so it’ll be easy to get multiple pieces if you can’t agree on one.

  1. Fixing Your Fabrics

If you’re having difficulty picking out the right textiles for your home, try to mix some traditionally masculine and feminine fabrics. For example, incorporate leather furniture and mix in some soft-colored, delicate pillows for a meld of design ideas. Pick similar colors to try to complement each other, and shop together to make sure neither of you buys items that the other will hate.

  1. Get Some Professional Help

If you really can’t make two visions meld, it might be time for you to call in an interior designer to help you get it sorted. These professionals are well-versed in combining multiple ideas for a blended look, and if you have some cash to spare, you can use their help to create the home of your dreams.

Moving in with someone comes with its fair share of challenges, but a clash in design ideas doesn’t need to be one of them. If you’re struggling to compromise on your décor themes, utilize these tips to make for a house that both you and your sweetheart can be proud of and enjoy. As we all know, relationships and marriage are about compromise, and this is a great starting point to make your relationship stronger than ever while listening to your partner’s needs.

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