Boudoir Friday

Are you looking for ways to spice up your already sexy Boudoir Session? Why not use props such as a hat that fits you, your photo shoot theme, your significant other’s job or personality, or one that represents an important part of your relationship.

Check out today’s Boudoir Friday photos with some ideas of how you use hats as props for your sexy Boudoir Session!


Photo credit: Fine Art Boudoir


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Photo credit: Flirt Boudoir

Perfect Personalized Bridesmaids Gifts

Your wedding day only comes around once!! What better way for you and your bridesmaids to remember this special day, than with personalized gifts!

There are so many options for bridesmaid gifts that it is hard to narrow down the perfect one for your girls!

Here are some of our favorite personalized items for your bridesmaids!


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Modest Yet Sexy Boudoir

Have you always wanted to do a Boudoir shoot but are nervous about baring so much skin? Don’t worry, you can still get the sexy photos you want while covering up a little bit more than a typical Boudoir session!

We love the use of over-sized sweaters, loose, stringy and light dresses, fuller lingerie, and great angles that show just the right amount of skin!

Enjoy your Boudoir Friday!


Photo credit: Alexi Lubomirski


Photo credit: Click Chick Boudoir


Photo credit: Eric James


Photo credit: Katch Studios


Photo credit: Nikita Gross


Must Have Ring Photos

Wondrous Photo Wednesday

Unique Table Runners for Reception

We are so LOVING these unique looks for your reception! What better way to spice up your tables and WOW your guests, than with a distinctive, noteworthy and creative table runner?

Whether you are a material girl who likes burlap, a girly girl who likes lace and glitter, an outdoorsy girl who likes plants and branches, a sentimental girl who loves old family pictures, or a super romantic girl who loves poems and love notes, we have the perfect ideas for you!!

Photo credits: Pinterest

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A second chance for LOVE | Post Card Inn Florida Wedding

Multiple Exposure Wedding Photos

Wondrous Photo Wednesday

My “Waffley” Wedded Wife

We just died laughing watching this! While the grooms words were funny, the brides outbursts of laughter is PRICELESS! She totally lost it when her fiance messed up during the vows by saying “To be my WAFFLEY wedded wife;” instead of lawfully. Just love the joy that comes from this!