Designing Your Wedding – Where Does It Start?

If you’ve just announced your engagement, then you’re ready to start planning your wedding! There is a lot to organize. You may have a scrapbook or a few bride magazines already. Putting ideas together is quite tricky, though. There are so many beautiful ideas and so many incredible designers. So how can you start to find the ideas that will work for your wedding? It can certainly be a struggle to get started with designing a whole wedding.

One of the easiest ways to begin is to agree on a theme. It may be a period like Victorian, the 1960s or Contemporary. Or you might choose a single color to tie in all the elements of your wedding. A period will usually determine shapes and styles. A color will give you more freedom to be quite eclectic in your choices of designs for the wedding.

Once you’ve made a decision, you can start with the invitations. Wedding invites provide a kind of teaser for the wedding. It gives your guests a preview of what to expect at your big event. You might make the color you’ve chosen prominent. Or maybe you can use fonts and shapes to help identify the style or period you have selected for your wedding. Even the language on the cards could be a part of it!


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Your dress is one of the biggest design elements of your wedding. What you are wearing should sum up your entire theme on its own. If you’re after a 1920’s theme, you may have chosen a shorter length with bonnet true to a ‘flapper girl’ style. If you’re keen to adopt a more contemporary theme, perhaps you will choose a dress in a theme color rather than white? There are so many options, but it’s good to stay true to your design right down to the dress.

A color theme such as blue or gold can be seen in every part of your wedding. The wedding dress may have colored stitching, hem trim, or sash waist. The chair coverings may be entirely one color, or finished with colored bows from your theme. Even the cake can be decorated with icing flowers of your chosen color. Buttonholes, centerpieces, and your bouquet can all feature this beautiful color.

Your design may also include a particular pattern or shape. This can easily be sewn into your wedding dress by a competent dressmaker. It may feature on your table cloths and napkins. Perhaps the shape can be formed from the flowers in your bouquet or centerpieces? This same shape may be a part of the design of your wedding ring too. It may all have been inspired by your engagement ring! It truly can start from anywhere.

Coming up with a design isn’t essential to get married. But it does mean that you can have a completely unique day that you have created. What better way to exercise your creative talents? Of course, if you are designing your own wedding, make sure your photographer captures every element of your big day. Have a beautiful customized wedding of your own design.

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