Couple’s Boudoir Silhouette Kisses

We just love black and white silhouette kissing poses. Especially incorporated into a couple’s boudoir session. Here are a two of our favorites! Happy Friday loves!

Photo credit: Chico Audi

Photo credit: Chico Audi

Photo credit: Serj Petkoglo

Photo credit: Serj Petkoglo


Bohemian Blonde

Boudoir Friday is back! I love how Shannon Moffit captured Alexandra’s personality in her Boudoir photos with not only her cute and curly-hair but also her take on the Victorian Era and Marie Antoinette! Happy Friday!

2015-03-13_00012015-03-13_0006 2015-03-13_00042015-03-13_00052015-03-13_00022015-03-13_0003

Skydiver Boudoir Love | Boudoir Friday

I love that she did some of her Boudoir photos with her skydiving pack that she named “Marilyn”.  Talk about a custom fit session!  Thank you Roxy for sharing your lovely images and thank you Jillian Todd for such great work.   boudoir inspiration 2014-09-29_0007 2014-09-29_0006

Couple’s Boudoir | Boudoir Friday

Couples Boudoir is getting a lot more popular and I love this session from Little Black Dress Boudoir.  Happy Friday everyone xoxoxo


couples boudoir 2014-09-29_0004

Mysterious | Boudoir Friday

I am in LOVE with Cate Scaglione and I would expect some more of her work featured on Boudoir Friday :)  Take a look at this mysterious almost smokey looking session.  Happy Friday!

boudoir inspiration

boudoir inspiration

boudoir inspiration

boudoir inspiration

French inspired Boudoir | Boudoir Friday

Don’t you just love the French and bubbles and pancakes and naked women in tubs and and well here just look at this French inspired boudoir from Katherine Henry Boudoir for your self :)



Boudoir Hot Pink

Boudoir Hot Pink



Boudoir Hot Pink

french boudoir









Enjoy the Light : Boudoir Friday

One question people always ask me is “do you ever get tired of Boudoir submissions” and my answer is always the same….NEVER!  How can you get tired  of beautiful images like these from Bella Boudoir?  If anyone knows where I can get the stocking from the first image let me know I want them! :)









A Gorgeous Outdoor Boudoir Session by Jana Roller Boudoir

Outdoor boudoir is the new black. This outdoor session from Jana Roller Boudoir has perfect lighting, an amazing atmosphere, and an air of mystery about it. The clothing and make up are a perfect combination for this gorgeous location and the beautiful birds are the icing on the cake.

2014-07-14_0001 2014-07-14_0002 2014-07-14_0003 2014-07-14_0004 2014-07-14_0005 2014-07-14_0006

Glam House | Boudoir Friday

Oscar McAnally of Vanity Boudoir is responsible for these stunning boudoir images! If you haven’t yet decided on what to get your husband to be as a wedding present, we are pretty sure that the following pictures will convince you that a boudoir album may be the way to go! In addition to having an amazing gift for him, you will have an amazing day of pampering and photo shoot fun for yourself! We hope the following images inspire you to step out of your comfort zone a little bit and do something extra sexy!


boudoir inspiration










Boudoir Friday with Jennifer Williams Boudoir

It’s the return of Boudoir Friday! If you are looking for boudoir inspiration, look no further than the talented Jennifer Williams! A boudoir session is a perfect way to get pampered and have fun before your big day. It also provides the perfect wedding day present for your husband to be!

boudoir-photography-vancouver-photographer-0004 boudoir-photography-vancouver-photographer-0007 boudoir-photography-vancouver-photographer-0008 boudoir-photography-vancouver-photographer-0010 boudoir-photography-vancouver-photographer-00011 boudoir-photography-vancouver-photographer-0012 boudoir-photography-vancouver-photographer-0013