Happy Boudoir Friday

Happy Boudoir Friday

Boudoir Friday

Boudoir Friday

Boudoir Friday

Are you looking for ways to spice up your already sexy Boudoir Session? Why not use props such as a hat that fits you, your photo shoot theme, your significant other’s job or personality, or one that represents an important part of your relationship.

Check out today’s Boudoir Friday photos with some ideas of how you use hats as props for your sexy Boudoir Session!


Photo credit: Fine Art Boudoir


Photo credit: PhilBrick Photography


Photo credit: Pinterest


Photo credit: Flirt Boudoir

Modest Yet Sexy Boudoir

Have you always wanted to do a Boudoir shoot but are nervous about baring so much skin? Don’t worry, you can still get the sexy photos you want while covering up a little bit more than a typical Boudoir session!

We love the use of over-sized sweaters, loose, stringy and light dresses, fuller lingerie, and great angles that show just the right amount of skin!

Enjoy your Boudoir Friday!


Photo credit: Alexi Lubomirski


Photo credit: Click Chick Boudoir


Photo credit: Eric James


Photo credit: Katch Studios


Photo credit: Nikita Gross


Veil Boudoir

Boudoir shoots with wedding veils?! Yes please!

We are absolutely loving brides posing with their veils in sexy and romantic sessions! What better gift to give your husband? Happy Friday loves!

stomped 3

Photo credit: Andria Lindquist

Stomped 2

Photo credit: Boudoir by Lily


Photo credit: Claudia Magas

stomped 4

Photo credit: Elizabeth Messina

Couple’s Boudoir Silhouette Kisses

We just love black and white silhouette kissing poses. Especially incorporated into a couple’s boudoir session. Here are a two of our favorites! Happy Friday loves!

Photo credit: Chico Audi

Photo credit: Chico Audi

Photo credit: Serj Petkoglo

Photo credit: Serj Petkoglo


Bohemian Blonde

Boudoir Friday is back! I love how Shannon Moffit captured Alexandra’s personality in her Boudoir photos with not only her cute and curly-hair but also her take on the Victorian Era and Marie Antoinette! Happy Friday!

2015-03-13_00012015-03-13_0006 2015-03-13_00042015-03-13_00052015-03-13_00022015-03-13_0003

Skydiver Boudoir Love | Boudoir Friday

I love that she did some of her Boudoir photos with her skydiving pack that she named “Marilyn”.  Talk about a custom fit session!  Thank you Roxy for sharing your lovely images and thank you Jillian Todd for such great work.   boudoir inspiration 2014-09-29_0007 2014-09-29_0006




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