Money Saving Tricks For Your Wedding Day


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With the price of weddings going up and up, it’s unfortunate that your big day will also be big on price. But if you want a beautiful wedding without blowing all of your savings (or ending up in debt) luckily there are a few money-saving tricks you can try. Here are some of the ways you can reduce costs without compromising on the beautiful wedding of your dreams.


Get Crafty

There are lots of elements for your wedding you can either make yourself or enlist help from your nearest and dearest. Always been a keen baker? Why not make your own wedding cake. Have a design graduate in the family? See if they would do your wedding invites and stationery for a reduced cost. If you’re good at something (or know someone who is) have a chat with them and see if they can help you to make some savings.


Do Your Own Flowers

Your wedding flowers are likely to take a huge chunk out of your budget. You can save money by putting together arrangements yourself. Look online for inspiration or flick through wedding magazines, there are lots of simple yet beautiful designs you could go for. You could source the flowers from a local flower shop or even a grocery store to cut costs down further. And then create your own arrangements with what you have.

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Have a Fall or Winter Wedding

Weddings in the spring and summer will cost a lot more. Companies charge more at this time because they know they’re in higher demand. So expect to pay more for everything from your caterer to your photographer. Opting for a fall or winter wedding can be equally as beautiful but save you some serious cash. Alternatively having your wedding on a weekday as opposed to a weekend can also work out cheaper.


Buy Your Dress Online

There are a wealth of online dress shops these days which offer wedding dresses for a fraction of what you’d pay from a boutique. People can be put off as there are horror stories of terribly made gowns arriving, but if you do your research, you will be okay. Be sure to use a site who can provide you with photos of their own work as opposed to stock photos. And ask plenty of questions about the materials used and shipping times. Buy from a good website and no-one will ever know you saved yourself a huge chunk of money.


Ask Your Bridesmaids To Buy Their Own Dresses

These can really set you back money-wise, especially if you have a lot of bridesmaids. Have a chat with them and see if they would be willing to pay for, or at least contribute towards their dress. You can find full-length dresses on the highstreet that would save money compared to buying from a boutique. For each person to purchase their own, they should be easily affordable. But will save you from spending hundreds for all of the dresses combined. If you buy full-length dresses, you also won’t need to worry about buying all matching shoes. You could ask each of your maids to wear a pair of heels that they already own instead. Finally, if you choose a simple hairstyle and makeup design, they could do their own hair and makeup too.


Do Your Own Hair and Makeup

As well as asking your bridesmaids to do their own hair and makeup, you could consider doing your own too. Providing you don’t have your heart set on an intricate up-do, you could curl your hair easily yourself to make it look ultra glamorous. If you’re already confident about doing your own makeup, then this shouldn’t be a problem. You could experiment with different looks on the run-up to the big day.


Ideas For Throwing The Most Awesome Bachelorette Party At Home

Unlike your wedding (which is more than likely going to be a very sophisticated and formal affair) when it comes to your bachelorette party you have free reign to do just about anything you want. You could go for a meal or on a night out, go on a trip or holiday or even do something outdoorsy and adventurous. But throwing a party at home is an excellent choice, you can customize it to whatever you want and come up with loads of fun activities for people to do. Looking to throw a bachelorette party at home? Here are a few ideas to get you started!


Create a Bar/ Drinks Area

Keep the drinks flowing and everyone is bound to have a fantastic time. Put together a selection of drinks that will cover you across all bases- spirits, wines, beers and mixers. You could set up an area on a table or even buy a bar cart and add some fancy glasses, straws, ice and chopped fruit so people can put together their own drinks. You could buy a cocktail recipe book and leave it on the side for people to create their own cocktails! Alternatively you could buy some large drinks dispensers and mix up some cocktails yourself so they’re ready to be poured when your guests arrive.


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Put Together Some Fun Activities

If it’s dry and warm enough, you could buy some giant lawn games which people will have fun playing. There are tonnes of question games, board games and fun and silly activities that you can get specifically for bachelorette parties, so have a browse and go with something that you think you and your friends will enjoy the most. You could put together a guest book so that people can write their well wishes, which will be a lovely thing to keep and look back on in years to come.


Take Photos

You could set up a DIY photo area with funny props or even hire a photo booth! This might be something you have considered for your wedding, but makes a great addition for a bachelorette party too. You’ll get loads of amazing photos, and if it’s not very often that you manage to get all of the girls together it’s especially important to capture the night.


Serve Up Some Delicious Food

If you are a good cook or baker, now is the time to put your skills to some good use! There are plenty of cute bachelorette party cakes, cupcakes and cookies on Pinterest to inspire you. Alternatively you could cheat and go to a baker, or even get caterers in. You could go for a sit down meal to start the night for something more formal, or just serve up canapes and finger food depending on the kind of atmosphere you want to create at your party.
With your best friends with you it’s bound to be an amazing night however you decide to celebrate. So have fun and make it a party to remember!

Delicious New Stolen Fruit Cocktail Mixers

WOW! If you’re looking for the perfect mixer for your Bridal Shower, girls night or a gift for a party host, look no further! The new Stolen Fruit Cocktail Mixers are super unique, delicious and perfect for any of your upcoming events.

Winemakers and chefs have used the delicious flavors and aromas from the vineyard for ages but Stolen Fruit brings it to the glass with their new line of grape-based mixers. They are super easy-to-use mixers, are so versatile and can be mixed with or without alcohol for delicious cocktails and mocktails.


The flavors include: Lemongrass Ginger Sauvignon BlancJasmine Juniper ViognierHibiscus Grenache Blood Orange Muscat (my favorite) and Fig Grains of Paradise Zin.

We tried them out last weekend and they’re delicious, with or with the booze! Mix them with your favorite sparkling water or juice for a non-alcoholic drink that still feels fun and festive or add in sparkling wine and/or your favorite spirit for a yummy cocktail. We tried Stolen Fruit with Vodka and Prosecco and loved both!

Stolen Fruit Cocktail Mixers ($18) are available for purchase online at, which also has recipes for cocktails, mocktails and food pairings! How awesome is that?! Check them out and let us know what you think. CHEERS!



Your Must-Read Guide To Buying an Engagement Ring

The entire act of popping that big question is hard enough as it is. Picking the perfect ring to propose to your soon-to-be-bride is even harder. However, knowledge is power when it comes to shopping for the engagement ring, so take some time to read through our ultimate guide before making a decision.


Plan Your Budget


When it comes to narrowing down your choice, the first step is to set your budget. Once you know how much you plan on spending, you can start looking at the best diamond with the 4C attributes for your budget and start shopping at Australia’s premier diamond jewellers.


Consider How Much Prices Can Vary Between Diamond Rings


There is an infinite number of choices when it comes to diamond rings. It all depends on the quality of the diamond. Diamond bands that are more detailed are going to cost more than their plain counterparts. It’s a good idea to keep your soon-to-be fiancé in mind when it comes to picking a style and considering practicality.


Considering Certification


All diamonds should be issued with a certificate. Larger diamonds, in fact, should be internationally certified and many come with a laser inscription on the ring’s girdle. When ring shopping, make sure you choose a jeweller you trust, the one with a solid background.


The 4Cs and What They Mean


There’s no doubt you’ve heard about the 4C’s – carat, clarity, cut and colour. The 4Cs acts as a guideline when choosing an engagement ring. It’s a good idea to give more importance to higher grades of clarity, cut and colour as opposed to focusing on carat weight. A good tip is to purchase a diamond that is as white as possible in the range of “excellent” white.


Another important factor is clarity. A diamond that has minimal inclusions will portray a fire brilliance and shine. Larger inclusions within a diamond act to decrease the attractive sparkle and the value of the diamond.


Cuts that have a lesser grade than “good” mean that the diamond’s proportions aren’t going to be exact and the light rays that flow into a diamond won’t flow outwards. It is also important that you check that the diamond does not have any fluorescence. A diamond with fluorescence influences the brilliance and will make a diamond less appealing to the eye and less valuable.


Take a look at the brilliant selection of bespoke engagement rings in Melbourne by Simon West Jewellery.


Which C Can You Compromise On?


You should not compromise on any of the 4Cs to an extent. But it is a good idea to go for a diamond that has less carat weight within the best possible quality range in clarity, cut and colour. By doing this, the value of the diamond itself won’t be compromised, and will enable you to upgrade the diamond over the years while keeping the best possible quality.


Settings and Bands: The Options


Rings are available in a wide variety of designs and the final choice will ultimately rest in your hands, keeping your partner’s preferences and style in mind. The classic, simpler mounts are the rings that never go out of fashion and will emphasise the diamond itself. Other mounts for diamonds of the shank, for example, are more modern and can complement the centre diamond.


The perfect engagement ring should be bought with your partner in mind. Think about her everyday routine and style before making the final choice.


Thirsty Thursday Wedding Idea

Weddings are filled with so much love and personality. Why not help your guests easily fill their cups with your personalized drink menu and specialty drinks?! How cute is this idea for your Bar/Drink area?! And if you’re looking for other wedding accessories or the perfect Champagne flutes to accessorize your bar area, check out DHgate.

Honeymoon Outfit Ideas

We know that saying ‘YES to the dress’ is always one of the most important and exciting times in planning for your wedding but don’t forget to get gorgeous outfits together for your Honeymoon! If you are going to be celebrating somewhere tropical or spending some quality time soaking up the rays on the beach, be sure to check out Hawaiian Tropic Apparel! They have the CUTEST beach dresses, shorts, caftans, and rompers! Be comfortable and stay cool while looking gorgeous! Here are a few of our favorites!

2016-05-16_0001 2016-05-16_0002 2016-05-16_0003

Cute Bridesmaid Gift Idea

We know how hard it can be to find the right gift for your girls so wanted to share My Wedding Favors with you. They have so many adorable gifts like the Metallic Gold Dot Toe Bag that they sent us to check out. It would be perfect! They have several other patters, colors, personalized items, and much more. Be sure to check out all that they have!


The Perfect Wedding Dress Silhouette

Naturally, every bride wants to look her absolute best on her wedding day, so they spend a long time looking for the perfect dress. The fact there are so many different types of gowns available is a good thing. But, it also means that it can be difficult for a bride-to-be to know where to start, which is why we have decided to write this piece.


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Start with the shape

The first step is to work out which shapes are right for you. Doing this will narrow down your options, and make the process of shopping for a wedding gown much easier. To help you to do this we have listed below the main shapes with guidance you can use to determine which is likely to be right for your build and body type.


Most A-line dresses feature a fitted bodice with an A shaped skirt. They are full length and suit all body types.

Modified A-line

The modified A-line looks very similar, but the skirt fits a little closer than the classic cut described above. Again, it works well for all shapes and sizes.

Ball gown

If you want to look like a fairytale princess this style of dress could be exactly what you are looking for. The bodice fits tightly, and the full skirt flairs out from the waist.

This cut is particularly good for those with a pear-shaped figure, but works well for most body types. However, if you are petite it is hard to find a design that does not overwhelm your frame.


Another classic cut is the mermaid. This style of dress hugs the body down to the knees then flares out into a fishtail. These dresses flatter an hourglass figure, and work well for curvy brides. However, it does not work well for apple shaped women or plus size brides


The sheath is a narrow cut that flows seamlessly from the neckline and flares out near the hem. If you are rail thin this is a fantastic cut, but it also works well for an hourglass figure or brides that are carrying a little extra weight.


The trumpet cut is similar in some ways to a mermaid dress. It fits the body all the way to the mid-thigh from which point the skirt flairs. This looks wonderful on petite brides, and those with an hourglass figure. However, it accentuates the stomach and hip area, so if you are pear or apple shaped this is not a good cut for you.

Using the information above you can quickly work out what cuts are likely to work best for you and focus your search on those. You can get advice about identifying your body shape by clicking this link.

Where to shop

If you are looking for a wedding dress Leeds is a great place to start your search. This city, like so many other cities, is home to numerous bridal shops, which makes it easy for you to shop around and try on different cuts and styles.


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Cute Morning of Wedding Shots

Absolutely Beautiful Wedding Video

Oh my goodness… We just came across this wedding video of Erika & Steve and are in tears! It is such a beautiful thing when you can see and feel the genuine and abundantly deep love of a couple. Check it out and let us know if you teared up too!!