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Absolutely Beautiful Wedding Video

Oh my goodness… We just came across this wedding video of Erika & Steve and are in tears! It is such a beautiful thing when you can see and feel the genuine and abundantly deep love of a couple. Check it out and let us know if you teared up too!!

Happy Wondrous Photo Wednesday

Unique Wedding Mirror Ideas

Have you been seeing more mirrors at weddings? We are absolutely LOVING this trend! While mirrors are typically used for table displays and centerpieces, be creative with yours! Use old mirrors for a welcome sign, drink station, seating chart, the day’s schedule, your wedding’s #hashtag, and so much more! Check out a few of our favorite ideas below!


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Cutest Proposal EVER!

“So much is going on!” We absolutely LOVE this completely life changing day for this beautiful woman. Not only does she hear for the first time in her life with her new Cochlear Implant, but one of the first things she hears out of her boyfriend’s mouth is a marriage proposal! I’m not sure how much cuter of a proposal we can get! Happy Marry Me Monday loves <3

These Sweet Vows Will Make You Cry

While all wedding vows are special, unique in their own way, persona,l and hold so much feeling and emotion, sometimes, you come across vows that are too sweet not to tear up at and share! How adorable and sweet are this couple’s vows?


Do I need a wedding planner? A Simple Checklist

Some people assume that a wedding planner is only for the rich and famous. However, a professional wedding planner can not only create the magical day you are hoping for, but save you money too.

An objective person to help plan your wedding, a wedding planner will also take a lot of the stress and aggravation away from organising such a big day, sticking with what you want and making sure they deliver.

With wedding planning a growing and thriving industry, more people are choosing to complete NCC Home Learning’s Wedding Planner Course to help organise their own wedding but finding a lucrative career too.


But, how do you know if you need a wedding planner?

You want to hire a wedding planner

For many people, it is an obvious choice. With both of you busy working full time and all the other commitments you have, taking on such a big job as planning your wedding right down to the nuts and bolts of the big day seems like an impossible task.

Having someone who can complete everything to your specifications, wants, needs and budgets is something that you want to happen. With wedding planner courses being popular, it is no longer difficult to find a qualified planner within your price range either.

You need to hire a wedding planner

Organising a wedding, whether it is a huge affair with several hundred guests or a small, intimate one, can be a test of not only organisational skills but relationships too. Having someone there who is undoubtedly ‘on your side’, understands what you want and how to go about getting it, is surely something every couple needs when planning their big day.

Thus, if you are in panic mode you need a wedding planner more than you think:

  • You are way behind on the schedule

Many people assume that a wedding planner needs to be engaged right at the start of the process, little realising that a wedding planner can come on board at any point in the planning process.

In order for everything to be done in time, you need a schedule and a plan of action of who is doing what and when. If this schedule starts to slip, all those must-haves will turn into ‘if you can…’. If you are this point, look for someone who has completed various wedding planner courses and call them. Now.

  • You work full time

Time is short. There are times when you will need to meet with suppliers and so on which, when you work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 can be very difficult. And in all honesty, you don’t have to meet everyone in person. Having a wedding planner meet the caterers and ensure that they can deliver what you need, within budget, is something that they do on a daily basis, almost.

  • Destination wedding

Some couples marry ‘on their doorstep’, that is, in their own town. This can be easier to organise as you are familiar with the area, suppliers and so on. When you choose to have a destination wedding, either abroad or at home, it means you are attempting to organise a wedding in a place where you don’t know any suppliers etc.

Choosing a wedding planner local to the area means that you get the best advice, suggestions and service.

  • Personality conflicts

As much as weddings bring people together, the planning and organising of the big day can be anything but harmonious. With everyone wanting a slice of the action, and their importance to the bride and groom visible to all, it can make for a rocky road. Or a tedious journey of constant compromise and diplomacy.

If you see the potential for this to happen – or it has already started – don’t allow yourself to be bogged down. Professionals with wedding planner courses under their belt will understand how to diffuse a situation, as well as maintaining their focus on what you want (and don’t want).

  • Planning and organising fills you with dread

There is no harm in admitting that organising, planning, schedules and so on are not your thing. If this is the case, why make yourself unhappy, uncomfortable and stressed before your big day?

Working with a wedding planner can take all the stress out of planning your big day so when your wedding morning arrives, you are fresh, happy and anticipate the day, rather than dreading something going wrong.

A wedding planner can be worth hiring for all kinds of reasons, from saving you money to taking the weight and strain of organising the minutiae off your shoulders.

Wedding Dress LOVE

Marry Me Monday- Starbucks Lovers

How adorable is this surprise wedding proposal?! We just LOVE all of the planning he did to make it so special for her! Happy Marry Me Monday!


Cute Reception Chair Sign




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