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Epic Dance- Seven Loving Brothers

How awesome are these 7 brothers from London, UK, who put on this epic dance routine for their sister on her BIG day? The end of the performance is so sweet and definitely our favorite part!

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Wedding Engagement Inspiration from Celebrities for Normal People


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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

We are not convinced that Nick’s proposal was any better than what you or I might come up with, and where this one lacks in originality it makes up for with silly theatrics.

Nick Cannon’s proposal came not once, but twice, or maybe even three times when you consider the photo op that followed. What can we say, third time’s a charm. Nick’s first proposal happened on a rooftop in Manhattan, his second a short period later was flying over Manhattan in a helicopter, and the third we believe the place in all of the photos that are plastered across the Internet since the event. Only two proposals have been verified.

Normal people equivalent
Forget Manhattan. Instead of a costly helicopter ride and a rooftop Manhattan apartment, why not consider getting engaged at Niagara Falls (on the Canadian side, it’s prettier). Swap out the helicopter for the Maid of the Mist, and that rooftop Manhattan apartment for a four star hotel. If you’re going to shop around for beautiful diamond engagement rings, you may want to make sure that how you propose won’t cost more than the ring you propose with.

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey
My perception on Matthew McConaughey has been changing over the years. In my mind he’s gone from dazed and confused redneck throwback to suave man’s man who even a normal guy like me can respect. And this is one page that I’ve taken from his book myself many times, albeit not for engagement, more so for Christmas presents.

Matt made Camila unwrap her engagement ring from under 8 boxes deep, and right as she opened the last one with the engagement ring inside it, he proposed. To be honest, it doesn’t get any more celebrity than Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves; they are two successful, beautiful people, both a catch by any measure – and they got engaged in a way that even normal people would deem somewhat boring. But hey, if Matthew McConaughey can get away with it, anyone can.

Normal people equivalent
Increase the number of boxes or lower them. 8 just feel like too many for the faint of heart, and too little for a bombshell bride to be.

Kate Middleton and Prince William
Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton while on safari in the jungle. I kid you not, in traditional old world British form, Prince William took his bride-to-be deep into the jungle on an actual safari, far from prying eyes of reporters and paparazzi – like something right out of the Hemingway story – to pop the question. Well thank goodness that Hemingway story was not “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” and everything went according to plan.

Normal people equivalent
Since most western countries don’t typically have a jungle within easy access, the next closest alternative I could possibly think of would be to propose at Walmart on Boxing Day. This is by no means any crazier than proposing to your wife-to-be surrounded by predators in the animal kingdom (just a little bit cheaper).

Romantic Year Long Proposal

Oh my goodness!! Have you seen this?! I absolutely love the dedication and planning that this proposal took! Happy Monday lovelies!

DIY & Super Affordable Ideas For Your Dream Wedding
















DIY & Super Affordable Ideas For Your Dream Wedding

The Do-It-Yourself trend is booming not only because is a more economical alternative; it also allows you to add your personal touch to your wedding day. DIY is the perfect approach to express your creativity and make your wedding as unique as you are. Are you ready to start planning? I hope you are because I have gathered amazing tips to help you create a wedding filled with lovely details. How can you customize your wedding with personalized finishing touches? Take a look:

Customized Invitations

Your invitations set the tone of your wedding, so you may reflect your wedding style in a sophisticated way. Create your own wedding invitations and look for a professional printer and ask for a custom printing quote, to get a very personalized option at the best possible prices.

Embellishments play a crucial role in memorable wedding invitations. You can select special finishing options like die cutting or embossing, which add an exclusive touch: die cutting is a process that cuts the invitation into any shape you want (think of silhouettes that will fit a standard envelope) and embossing adds a bit of relief to an otherwise flat invite. Bonus tip: write a short romantic text and carefully select a maximum of two fonts that suit your style.

Loving Touches

Weather you choose a vintage, rustic, colorful, garden or high drama theme, you need to work around your idea to find a balance between thematic and personal. Besides the aisle and tables decorations, you may find a spot where you can share your love story with your guests. You donít need to go overboard and write a book with your anecdotes, simply choose the pictures that represent the most precious moments you shared together and add a little context.

For example, you can turn a wall into a gallery or picture-perfect section, selecting the most lovely photos of the couple and transform them into stretched canvas prints (Click here to learn more about stretched canvas and compare prices).

Flower Bouquets

Choosing the ideal wedding flowers is not as easy as it seems. Aspects such as the dress, wedding theme, bridesmaid dress color and wedding venue influence the kind of flowers, shape and size of your bouquet. These are some tips that can help you design a nice-looking bridal bouquet:

  • For modern weddings, colorful bouquets can be a great choice
  • Personalize your bouquets by using ribbons, yarn and fabric
  • Choose tied bouquets for a contemporary wedding
  • Trailing bouquets suit perfectly the romantic style
  • Posy bridal bouquet is the most popular choice of todayís modern brides
  • Vintage brooches can personalize and make a one-of-a-kind bouquet

Bonus tip: Do not choose too a large bouquet if you’re not a tall bride- it may clutter your dress.

Chair Decorations

Undecorated chairs look plain, but you want to achieve the opposite effect. The good news is: you do not need to spend a fortune decorating your chairs; all you need is creativity and time. You have a range of options like ribbons, colored paper, bows fabric, pearls strings and small carved wood pieces to take regular venu chairs from cheesy to inviting. Donít overlook the power of chair dÈcor; they add a chic touch to your reception.

If you have always dreamed of a perfect wedding, then consider customizing your invitations, flower bouquets, chair decorations and party favors with little details that go beyond a theme. Gather all your brilliant ideas and start working now. We hope this article comes in handy and in the right time. What other details can you customize? Why should you try to DIY? We appreciate you tell us your experiences in your comments below.

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By Darrel Krum.

Couple’s Boudoir Silhouette Kisses

Texas Bay Wedding

Can you believe the view for this wedding? How gorgeous is it? It is hard to believe that this is in Texas! It looks more like Florida or the Caribbean.

The reception was equally as beautiful with the ghost chairs, orchids and mirror top kings tables.  It has such a glam wedding feel!

Wishing Astrid & Darren an amazing life together. 


Texas Horseshoe Bay Wedding

Texas Wedding

Texas Wedding

Texas Wedding

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Photographer:  Cory Ryan Photography//Event Planner: Clink Events//DJ:DJ Kit K//Reception Venue: Horseshoe Bay Resort Yacht Club//Photo Booth Equipment:Le Photo Booth//Floral Designer: Prive Floral//Band:Spazmatics//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

Surprise Beach Proposal

We just love sweet proposals but this surprise beach proposal, all caught on camera by Anna K. Photography, just brings a happy tear to our eyes! This image captures it all; the planning, the shock, the joy and the love! We just love Jeanie Beth’s reaction to David’s simple “Jeanie Beth, I love you. Marry me.”

Anna K. Photography

Photo credit: Anna K. Photography

Mountaintop Proposal