Enjoy the Light : Boudoir Friday

One question people always ask me is “do you ever get tired of Boudoir submissions” and my answer is always the same….NEVER!  How can you get tired  of beautiful images like these from Bella Boudoir?  If anyone knows where I can get the stocking from the first image let me know I want them! :)











Piper Perabo Wedding

So I am not a big fan of celeb weddings and I never feature them but I really LOVED the very cool dress that Piper Perabo wore at her New York Wedding this weekend.  Even though it was Michael Kors, I feel like it was very under stated and went well with the New Orleans theme.

Piper Perabo Wedding




Princess and the Pea Gone Mad

If a modern day Ballerina Princess went mad and found her Prince…this is what it would look like.  I just fell in LOVE with this session from KrisD Mauga there is something so moving from these images.  Happy Monday and Enjoy!


KM publication

Hot Pink Brides


Hot Pink

Hot Pink

Hot Pink


hot pink brides

Hot PInk

Hot Pink Brides

A Gorgeous Outdoor Boudoir Session by Jana Roller Boudoir

Outdoor boudoir is the new black. This outdoor session from Jana Roller Boudoir has perfect lighting, an amazing atmosphere, and an air of mystery about it. The clothing and make up are a perfect combination for this gorgeous location and the beautiful birds are the icing on the cake.

2014-07-14_0001 2014-07-14_0002 2014-07-14_0003 2014-07-14_0004 2014-07-14_0005 2014-07-14_0006

Romance in Central Park

Glam House | Boudoir Friday

Oscar McAnally of Vanity Boudoir is responsible for these stunning boudoir images! If you haven’t yet decided on what to get your husband to be as a wedding present, we are pretty sure that the following pictures will convince you that a boudoir album may be the way to go! In addition to having an amazing gift for him, you will have an amazing day of pampering and photo shoot fun for yourself! We hope the following images inspire you to step out of your comfort zone a little bit and do something extra sexy!


Boudoir Hot Pink Brides

boudoir inspiration











What does the four C’s really mean?

Getting Down on One Knee and Making That Special Proposal Requires a Special Piece of Jewelry

Most of you only make that special marriage proposal once in a lifetime. To make it more special means you have to find the most beautiful and individual engagement ring. But it’s not only marriage proposals that call for a treasured piece of jewelry. Other occasions such as renewing marriage vows, anniversaries and birthdays can be made all the more special by giving solitaire diamond rings, for example.

It’s Time to learn about the 4 C’s – cut, clarity, carat and color

When you’re in the market for a diamond ring to mark a special occasion or to show a loved one just exactly how much they mean to you the 4 C’s should form the basis of your decision.

Cut – this refers to the shape and position of a diamonds facets. The beauty and brilliance of any diamond is enhanced by the quality of the cut. There are many different names given to each style of cut including asscher cut diamond and pear shaped diamond.

Clarity – this is a measure of a diamonds flawlessness and has a direct influence on its value. A diamonds clarity is rated according to the industry standard scale.

Carat – this refers to the weight of the diamond. One carat weighs 0.007 of an ounce (0.20 of a gram).

Color – the majority of diamonds have no color but fancy colored diamonds are available in shades of pink, blue and yellow.

Now you’re armed with some of the vital qualities to look for when choosing loose diamonds or solitaire diamond engagement rings, you need to check out some of the companies that sell diamonds online. Don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t get good service as they’ll have an engaging customer service team who can offer guidance with complete transparency, cutting out the middle man so you can take full advantage of their best prices.


The wedding is approaching, or just behind you.  Before you go writing checks you can’t cash, or booking that honeymoon in the married name, here are 6 important steps you need to take to save time, money, and convenience down the road.

  1. Banking – Before checks are made out in a brides newly married name, brides should file for their new social security card and bring it along with their new license/ID in their name and their certified marriage certificate to change their name on their bank account(s) or open a joint account with their spouse in their new name.
  2. Credit Reports – Many brides are curious about what happens to their credit when they change their names. You DO NOT need to notify the 3 main credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax and Experion) when you change your name.  When you update your name with creditors (bank, credit cards, etc…) the bureaus will add the new name to your account, but they will also keep your maiden name on file too. This ensures that your established credit remains with you even as your name changes.
  3. IRAs - Couples need to add each other to the IRAs as beneficiaries and make sure to use the name(s) taken post marriage.
  4. Taxes - A woman’s name must be changed legally before it can be listed as a new name on her taxes. She must file for her name change with Social Security, using the SS-5 form. If a couple is married prior to December 31st, they can file jointly on their taxes. File the IRS 8822 form to ensure that they are aware of the new name. Note: if the IRS is not informed of the bride’s name change prior to tax season, but she has been paid in her married name, they will hold her returns until they can verify her legal name.  If the bride is paid in her married name, but has not legally changed it with the Social Security/IRS, there can be major snags in tax returns as well as social security benefits/payouts.
  5. Honeymoon Flights – If the bride or spouse books flights for the honeymoon in the married name, but the driver’s license and/or passport has not been updated, most airlines will require the ticket to be repurchased in the maiden name without a refund. Take the time to get your name changed properly.
  6. Change Your Name Properly - You could wait in line for hours and file mountains of paperwork, and there is also a lot of misleading information out there about how to change your name when you get married. MissNowMrs.com, the first and leading name change site for brides-to-be, cuts down more than 13 hours of paperwork and costs only $29.95. And, if you know a bride-to-be you can pick up a MissNowMrs.com card at your local Rite Aid store.  It’s the perfect budget and time-saving wedding gift — every time she writes her name she’ll remember you!

Little Red Riding Hood Falls In Love…

My Surprise Proposal Video | I am engaged!

It was a complete surprise to me when my boyfriend of a year, proposed to me in the middle of a Perfect Wedding Guide show that we were both working.  Below is the video from the very talented Jeffrey Stoner Video of how it all went down.  Honestly, I just wish someone would of told me to at least brush my hair…just sayin.