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We love trying new products! Especially if it’s fancy and easy to apply. Jamberry Nails is just that! Raise your hand if you’ve ever so carefully applied fingernail polish and waited forever for them to dry only to smudge or chip it. It’s infuriating. Well fear no more Jamberry has you covered and will most certainly lower your blood pressure when it comes to polish application.

Jamberry is a lot different than the other nail stickers available on the market. Most available off the shelf are still a type of nail polish. This means if you open the package and don’t apply right away they will dry out. They’ll also chip off your nails like regular polish. Or worse yet rip as you’re applying them *insert extremely annoyed face here*. A couple of brands we tried left a sticky residue on our nails. Another even ripped layers off our nails leaving them brittle and sore.

First off Jamberry Nails has over 100 different designs, including college teams. And now they have a design center so you can make your own designs! Imagine having your logo or wedding design on your nails! We loved how easy the application process was. The hardest part…picking out the design, we finally chose Summer Sunburst.

We got a ton of compliments. Back to the application process. We matched up the size we needed and cut the shield to size. We made sure to heat it really well (using our blow dryer) then applied onto our clean filed nails. Extra care was taken to apply plenty of pressure on the shield to ensure a tight seal. We trimmed and filed the ends and voila a perfect manicure! All ten fingers only took 15 minutes to accomplish, the same amount of time (even less maybe) to paint and wait for polish to dry. Our nails lasted a good two weeks before they started to look a little ragged on the edge, which was easy to fix by just refiling the nail. That’s with a lot of abuse too. We dug around in the garden without gloves, washed the car, bathed the dog, and went swimming every day. They held strong, never ripped or peeled. Even better each sheet has enough shields to cover nails or toes up to 3 times!

So if you’d like a chance to win a set of Jamberry Nail Shields visit Jamberry Nails and tell us which set you’d like in the comments :)




And check out this quick video on how easy it really is to apply and remove the nails.

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Here’s a lovely wedding from LA. Christin and Alvin’s rooftop exploits had us oohing and ahhing from the start. Christin’s dress was so creamy & dreamy and covered in ruffles galore. They had beautiful pinks and creams in every detail of their wedding from the cake to the bouquets around the alter.

Here’s a little more info from their amazing photographer Turn Loose the Art:

Christin and Alvin’s wedding at the Los Angeles Intercontinental Hotel hosted a large mix of guests from all over. When it came time to choose where to marry, they knew that no matter what location they chose a good portion of their friends and families would have to fly. Much like Christin’s Priscilla of Boston dress which traveled with her from Boston first, then Hawaii, then Southern California, their guest list also included a number of states. They ended up choosing the beautiful hotel in West LA, homage to meeting each other at UCLA. They put together a great support team including Floral Fields for floral designing and coordination and their band, Soul of Los Angeles.


Photographer:  Turn Loose the Art
Floral Designer: Floral Fields
Band: Soul of Los Angeles

Would you like to get your wedding published on Hot Pink Brides? Well you can by submitting via Two Bright Lights

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We saw The Great Gatsby this past weekend from Baz Luhrmann and man did we get in a tizzy over the costume designs.  It’s become very obvious that we were born in the wrong decade. Luckily our friends from Shabby Apple are here to help us out with some great vintage clothing options. Shabby Apple has some darling dresses that would be perfect for a garden party engagement party or maybe even a swankier peplum dress for an evening wedding. Most of their sizes fit from a zero up to a 16. So there’s something for all shapes and sizes. Most of their items have reviews so you’ll exactly how it fits your body shape. Still not sure? They’ve made it even easier to order for your silhoutte by using their Fit to Flatter style guide. Three easy questions and BOOM you have tons of styles just for your body style.

Make sure to check some of the other items Shabby Apple carries. They have vintage swimwear and wedding inspired jewelry (including a super sweet Mrs. sterling silver necklace). We can’t wait to try out a couple of their high waisted skirts at our upcoming weddings.

Let us know which vintage clothing style you like best from Shabby Apple!

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We were contacted by a new (and delicious) alcoholic dessert beverage called Delicia *Dee-lee-cia*. Truthfully we give it four thumbs up. The flavors we tried were Peaches & Cream and Strawberries & Cream. We’re headed out today to find the Whipped flavor so we can make their Summer Fling Punch. We were also impressed by the clean & stylish packaging. For a malt beverage it’s very classy, this is NOT a stand on the corner with your Colt 45 drink (also ew yuck).

We really liked the Strawberries & Cream. It’s very light and crisp with just the right amount of bubbles. The bottle also pops like champagne which always make for a fun time. The Peaches & Cream was also good. It was very sweet and you can really taste the cream. Make sure to check out Delicia’s site (if you’re over 21, it is alcohol afterall) for extra party & girl’s night out ideas too. They have four different flavors; Strawberries & Cream, Peaches & Cream, Red Velvet, and Whipped. Delicia retails for around $6.99 at local retailers. We already found ours at the local Aldi’s. Have your cake and sip it too!

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We have a new vendor with a pretty awesome idea to keep your guests busy and entertained the whole night. Geronimo is a real-time social messaging service for weddings and events. I’m sure you’ve all seen real-time messaging. Our days are filled with it now, it’s on reality tv hash-tagging away and even running at the bottom of live news coverage. Geronimo has taken it and made it a fun and positive way for your guests to interact with you and other guests. Your guests will be given a dedicated phone number with which they can text in well wishes and requests for kisses. A web page featuring these live messages from your guests can be displayed at your wedding on a television or video screen. Not only that but Geronimo can be easily integrated with your DJ’s video setup.

Guests can request music:



Or just send out well wishes….


Now here’s the kicker, the Geronimo service is ridiculously affordable!! Starting cost is $40 for up to 300 messages. Have some overzealous guests that just can’t put down their phone? Then upgrade to a THOUSAND messages for $100.

Want to see it in action? Click on this link and try it out for yourself. Just text a message to the phone number provided and watch your message appear.

Like it? Love it? Then make sure to jump on over to their Facebook page and enter to win to have Geronimo at your wedding. One lucky bride will win maybe it’ll be you. The winner will be chosen on July 1st so hurry and enter!

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We love weddings. We love buying gifts. We love buying wedding gifts from the comfort of our couch even more. So get your coffee in hand, recliner kicked back and join us on our shopping journey. Uncommon Goods has something for everyone. No really EVERYONE.

Crazy cat lady bridesmaid? Uncommon Goods has it covered.  Perhaps they’re not cat crazy. Maybe you need something for your dog. They have a whole line of pet related products in their Home & Garden section. Of course the Airplane Cat house is our favorite. Easy assembly, just add a cat for a great time. You can check out this link for a ton of gifts for the pet lover in your bridal party.

We really fell in love with Uncommon Good’s personalized items. How awesome would a personalized wedding guest book platter be!? Instead of the boring old paperback guest books why not have them sign a platter that you’ll cherish forever and can display on your counter. Heartfelt words that you can read every time you walk into the kitchen. They have even more unique personalized items for Dining & Entertaining. The bride and groom could enjoy their toast in a custom wine glass for her and a pilsner for him. Who says you have to have champagne drink what you really want. And make it fancy! Find more serve ware for entertaining your bridal party by following this link.














There are a ton of unique gifts and creative home decor on Uncommon Goods. They truly cover everything. You can get your birthdays, teacher gifts and a million other special occasions. They’re also on Pinterest so make sure to stop by (after your online shopping excursion) and see some of their great picks and design ideas. Make sure you have that bridal party completely covered. You can see all the great bridal gifts Uncommon has to offer here:

Make sure to stop back and let us know what your favorite item(s) are from Uncommon Goods.


Even with a bridal glow, unwanted tan lines can ruin any bride’s flawless look. If you’re going to throw one product in your makeup bag for your big day, make sure it’s the Tanee pen! This new and innovative tan line corrector is the first product to address unwanted tan lines as a unique sun care issue.


Don’t let tan lines haunt your wedding day photos! With its no-mess applicator, the specially formulated Tanee pen instantly disguises any tan lines, streaks and spots, leaving your skin sun-kissed and flawless. Unlike self-tanning lotions, Tanee covers even the biggest tanning blunders while keeping hands both mess-free and stain-free.  Not to mention, the all-natural formula lasts about a week, fading simultaneously with your existing tan.


We’ve all heard the horror stories of beautiful white wedding dresses getting ruined after a run-in with self-tanners or bronzers. With Tanee’s advanced formula, this go-to beauty weapon won’t rub off, even when getting down on the dance floor!


Perfect for the whole bridal party, the universal Tanee pen can be applied to all skin tones; from your fair-skinned sister-in-law to your naturally golden toned best friend. And the best part is, Tanee will last long after your wedding day. Throw it in your bag when packing for your honeymoon. Tanee will be your go-to beauty product if you and your hubby have a little too much fun in the sun. Don’t let tan lines ruin your perfect outfit or take away from your honeymoon bliss!


Priced at $5.99, Tanee is available at Bed Bath & Beyond, and will be hitting additional mass market retail stores just in time for the tanning season.

We have a sample for a lucky reader! So comment below and tell us the weirdest tan line you’ve ever had to win :)


Normally we would gush about how much we loved the use of feathers in this wedding shot by Mary Dougherty Photography. Or how they have passed down the cake topper through four different weddings starting in 1949. Even the use of jewels and tiny details like the groom’s locket. But that’s not what grabbed our attention. It’s the story that Mary told about the couple.

So here is their story in her words:

It was meant to be. There are times in each person’s life when you wonder what the future holds, what your purpose is and where life will take you. The friendships you form in high school are tested when life starts to unfold – and do so unexpectedly with twists and turns that take you in a new direction. No relationship is tested more than a romantic one, and Chris and Collen have weathered the storm.

They still remember that first prom, back in their awkward teenage years, and as Chris recounted in his vows, he never understood why Colleen loved him. She was everything to him, and it wasn’t until a few years later when she was facing life threatening illness that he fully realized his purpose in their relationship. He was there to love her, and when there was the possibility that she might not be there, he stood by her side and loved her more. To be there – in good times and in bad, in times of plenty and need, and in times of sickness and in health – is a promise they made on their wedding day. It was a promise in many ways they had already fulfilled, but on this day they pledged to do so for the rest of their lives.

There are few times when I cry at a wedding, but as Chris and Colleen read their vows written specifically for each other, my eyes welled up and hid behind my camera and I continued to document. Here was a relationship so meaningful, so real, you could not help but recognize what they had and celebrate their love… and celebrate they did. Chris and Colleen know how to throw a party and it was an absolute joy to document their day.






























Photographer:  Mary Dougherty Photography//
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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Hello sexy bedroom eyes!! Father’s day is just around the corner. I know we just finished up with Mother’s Day and now another holiday is upon us. Can’t figure out what to get your man that already has everything? How about a special sexy gift that’ll keep on giving. There will be tons of Boudoir Bashes being scheduled so hop on the hottie train and get your man something he’ll really want. You!

Mady Joe Photography and her client Danielle know what we’re talking about. She booked herself a Boudoir session as a surprise gift. We give this session two steamy thumbs up.

Photographer:  Mady Joe Photography//
Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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We loved this wedding from Jeff Foley Photography. First off they shot one of our new favs a first look. We feel it takes a little stress off the day when they couples see each before the wedding, they can calm each others jitters. The bride had fashionable pink heels, but she’s comfort minded too and also opted for some pink Chucks. We have to applaud the groom he’s got some mad ups!





Photographer:  Jeff Foley Photography
Dress Store: Angela’s Bridal
Makeup Artist: Emarz Make-Up
Floral Designer: Felthousen’s Florist & Greenhouse
DJ: Music Man Entertainment

Would you like to be featured on Hot Pink Brides? Well this wedding was featured because they submitted via Two Bright Lights so get on with it you could be next!

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