Modern Romance at the St. Regis

Diamonds in the Sky | Boudoir Friday

New Orleans Nuptials

Beautiful Beach Wedding at The Postcard Inn

With a venue named the Postcard Inn, it’s no surprise this wedding is incredibly unique! The talented Carrie Wildes photographed this beautiful wedding down in sunny St. Pete, Florida. From a gelato bar, hollywood style mirror pictures, and the most breathtaking use of beach balls we have ever seen, the details of this wedding are stunning and so much fun!

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And the Winner Is…


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Florida Bridal Show | Perfect Wedding Guide

Hello, my lovely Hot Pink Brides!  If you are in Florida, or want to drive to see the Sunshine State, stop into the biggest wedding bridal show this side of the Mississippi! Details are below, along with a little discount for my readers. :) Give me a shout out if you are there. I will be shooting the fashion show and I am hard to miss with Hot Pink in my hair :)


Perfect Wedding Guide Show

Out and About in Austin: Bridal Portraits

Most brides only get to wear their wedding gown for one day so we love seeing a bride get to rock out her dress in an extra fun portrait session that is all about her! Cory Ryan Photography did an amazing job of capturing some fun filled moments and unique details for this beautiful and modern bride. Here at Hot Pink Brides, we can never resist a photograph that includes a vintage camera so as you can imagine, we couldn’t get enough of this session! If you are as in love with your dress as you should be, consider having a portrait session done after the wedding so that you can spend some extra time enjoying that amazing feeling!

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An Interview with “The Becker”

Last week we had the pleasure of interviewing Becker from Becker Photography who has spent over 15 years capturing wedding day memories for happy couples. 

What made you decide to become a wedding photographer?

I was trying my luck as a fashion photographer right out of high school… but honestly got sick of working with those crazy models. I had shot a few weddings (mostly for people getting remarried) and to be honest, I didn’t really like taking all the typical, boring, posed wedding photos. Then I was introduced to the idea of shooting most of the wedding day as a photojournalist, documenting the moments as they unfolded, balanced with a few of my signature relaxed portraits and I’ve never looked back.

What do you love most about your job?

I love showing up when people are dressed up, looking good, and happy! My clients invite me into their lives, trust me to do what I do, and I take pride in taking the best possible photos that I can.



What challenges come with being a wedding photographer?

Well, after doing it as long as I have, the challenge is to find a way to keep it fresh, I try not to take the same images over and over, weekend after weekend. I am always trying to mix it up, trying to grow as an artist and do something new and different.

Tell us a little bit about your process from booking to image delivery. 

Oh man, there’s so much that goes into “the entire process”. Some folks say wedding photographers are paid “so much” for just a few hours of work on a Saturday. They don’t realize that for EVERY hour we are at the wedding, we spend about 8-10 hours usually in the office processing photos, building albums, editing, Photoshopping, etc…

But throughout my entire process, I just try to keep it relaxed and comfortable (same as on the wedding day). These days, most of my clients book me over the phone or after a Skype consultation. I like to do an engagement session if at all possible because I want to get to know the couple and I want them to get used to my pace and style of shooting. The more comfortable they get with me, the smoother things seem to go on the wedding day.

After the wedding, we blog a few of our favorites a couple days later, then a couple weeks later, we put the proofs online. As a part of our signature service, we offer to design the album for our clients, but we also allow them to choose the images if they prefer.

I know as a photographer, I am biased, but I think the photos are so important to a wedding. After all, when it’s all said and done, the flowers are dead, the food has been eaten and the band has played. All you are left with are images… and I put my heart and soul into making sure you’ll cherish them for a lifetime.



Do you have a favorite memory while shooting a wedding?

Well, I’ve been to close to 600 weddings now and I still love what I do. I think my favorite moments are usually when shooting the bride, then showing her mom & the bridesmaids a preview on the back of my camera. Everyone gets so excited and then the bride smiles even more and I keep shooting!

What advice can you give to couples who are currently looking for their wedding photographer?

Like I mentioned early, you are stuck looking at your wedding photos for the rest of your life… photography is not the area to skimp. I recommend doing your research on the internet (check out a site like… be sure to check out dozens and dozens of photographers, then contact maybe 10 or so whose work you really love, then meet with a handful and hire the one you feel most comfortable with.

Of course you should start by checking out ;-)




Hot Pink Giveaway: Hair Do Hair Extensions, Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur, and How to Plan Your Wedding by Paula Pryke

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5 Personalized Wedding Day Essentials

Your wedding day only comes around once and what better way to remember such an amazing day than with personalized wedding essentials. There are so many options when it comes to personalizing your wedding day. Not only do personalized items add an extra special touch to your wedding day, they also add that special touch to your home when you display them afterwards. Here are some of our favorite personalized items for your wedding day.


Aisle Runner


You are guaranteed to make a dramatic entrance with a personalized aisle runner! Whether the aisles will be lined with florals or you are opting to have a more simple ceremony, a personalized aisle runner will be a stunning centerpiece at your ceremony.



Wedding Signature Frame



If you are looking for a alternative to a regular guest book, a personalized frame for guests to sign can be a great option. Unlike a guest book, you can hang up the frame in your living room and have the memory of your wedding on display every day.

Sand Ceremony Shadow Box


Sand ceremonies are a popular alternative to candle ceremonies. Rather than using a plain jar or container for your sand, why not use a personalized option that you can display in your home?

Cake Server and Knife


So many couples never use their cake server and knife after their wedding. How about personalizing yours and using it on special occasions? Using this set will make holidays even more special.

Embroidered Handkerchief


Someone will be shedding some tears of happiness on your wedding day. Having a few personalized handkerchief’s on hand is definitely a good idea!

If you are interested in personalized gifts, you can find can find these gifts and many more at Gifts For You Now.