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Sweating for the Wedding- At Home Workout Fitness Mat

We totally get how stressful and time consuming planning a wedding can be. Coupling that with work and your other every day activities can oftentimes leave little room for going to the gym. Don’t worry though, this is where FitnessMat can help.


Don’t give up your dream body for your BIG day because you’re short on time. Workout at home with FitnessMat! It is AMAZING! We are absolutely LOVING ours that they sent over. It’s perfect for any kind of workout and is super soft yet supportive and durable.

FitnessMat’s unique anti-fatigue technology provides you with the best “ground support” you could ask for. Whatever your go to, at home, fitness program/workout is, the comfort, support, cleanliness and durability allows you to exercise safely. The mats even suspend your body weight, reducing impact on joints during exercise! How awesome is that?

You know what else is great about them? They are made in the USA and come with a 7 year performance warranty!

So, while you’re planning for your wedding, sweat for it with the help of the FitnessMat!




Comfortable & Smoothing Shapewear

The ladies at Hot Pink Brides definitely know the struggle of finding body shapewear and slips that are not only comfortable but stay in place! Don’t worry though, we have you covered with the incredible Jewel Toned multi-colored shapewear line that’s bold, comfortable, fun and helps create and complete your look.

Jewel Toned is a mini-line of true no-pain shapewear. It’s made with a special blend of nylon and Spandex that makes for a prettier, softer, less constricting and far more comfortable (and cheaper) than any shapewear you’ve tried before!

Don’t worry anymore about wearing tight and constricting shapewear. With Jewel Toned shapers, you can actually breathe, eat, think and go through your day as if you’re not even wearing it! Their pieces are meant for smoothing, not sizing yourself down and as it’s meant to be underwear, it’s not made to be hidden! Almost every piece in the line stands on its own and can be worn by itself or layered. We

So, before you pick out your Bridal Shower dress or your Bachelorette party night, check out Jewel Toned. They have everything from bodysuits to mini dresses, shorts and skirts. Everything you’d need to create or complete your perfect outfit!



Diamond Basics on Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring

Searching for the perfect engagement ring needn’t be a difficult experience, even though getting it right is incredibly important. Buying a diamond ring requires planning, but as a symbol of your loving union, it will forever remain a constant reminder of commitment that is appreciated each and every day.

With so many variables to choose from, it is important to learn about the various qualities of diamonds by understanding the principles of the Four C’s. This key knowledge will teach you how diamonds are valued and will guide you in your search for the best possible diamonds for your budget.


Photo credit: Pinterest


CUT – Cut refers to the particular shape the stone has been fashioned into. Raw diamonds first need to be meticulously cut and polished to draw out their innate qualities. Cutting is a highly scientific process that places a geometric pattern of facets onto the surface of the diamond that allows it to absorb and refract light in a way that gives it the alluring sparkle and shine long associated with these precious gems.

Diamonds of the exact same weight, colour and clarity can quite easily end up looking completely different, depending on the skill of the Gem cutter and the style of cut they choose when shaping the diamond.

Common diamond cuts include round, princess, cushion, oval, radiant and emerald.

Kari Dawson

Photo credit: Kari Dawson

COLOUR – Colourless diamonds are highly prized and therefore more expensive to purchase. Even rarer colourings such as pink diamonds are found in extremely limited supply and command a higher price.

Generally though, as the colour of a diamond progress from clear to yellow and even slightly brownish tones, they become less valuable. Such colour changes can seem quite subtle but become easier to notice when placed side-by-side for inspection. Gemmologists and jewellers have ‘master colour sets’ that are used as a consistent benchmark to find the exact colour grade of a particular diamond.

CLARITY – Speaks to the minute natural flaws that are found in most diamonds. The more noticeable such inclusions, flecks and flaws are, the less valuable the diamond becomes. In very low grade diamonds these flaws can be observed with the naked eye. The highest quality diamonds look perfectly clear and flawless although often inclusions can still be seen under great magnification with a loupe or microscope.

CARATS – Carats are units of measurement that denote the weight of the diamond. The larger the weight of the stone is, the more expensive the diamond will be to purchase.


Photo credit: Katelyn James


Engagement rings are made from all manner of precious metals, but gold and platinum are the most popular materials. Gold comes in various degrees of quality from 9 Karat to 24 Karat and unlike diamonds; the karat does not denote weight but purity. The more pure the gold content of the ring, the higher the karat and the cost will be.


The manner in which rings are constructed to hold diamonds is referred to as the setting. Diamond for Less jewellery store in Toronto Canada has multiple examples of various settings on display.

A single diamond or ‘solitaire’ is often set in prongs, which allows light to more freely enter and make the diamond sparkle more vibrantly.

Diamonds can also be set in grooves or bezels, be held in place by tension, or aligned in rows side-by-side in a paved fashion known as ‘pave´’ (pronounced par-vay).

Keeping these basic considerations in mind when shopping for the perfect engagement ring will make you better prepared, less stressed and more likely to find the exact ring you desire with greater ease.

4 Ideas For Throwing a Memorable Bachelorette Party

The chances are that all of the wedding plans are all sorted, and things are running smoothly. You will be counting down the weeks and then the days soon. So there are only a few small things to sort out before the big day. The next things are bridal shots and a bachelorette party, of course! Bridals are done only a short time before the wedding, so I’m going to share some fun ideas for throwing a bachelorette party. Hopefully, you won’t have to plan your own, but rather, you could share these ideas with your maid of honor.


Road Trip

This is going to be the trickiest option, which will require a lot more planning than most. But if you have got friends and bridesmaids that are up for a little bit of a road trip, then what could be more fun? It could just be a weekend trip to somewhere like Las Vegas, or a more chilled out trip to somewhere like Cocoa Beach in Florida. It depends on where you are in the country as to where you will go of course. But it is such fun to get all the girls together and have one last party trip as an unmarried woman. If you wanted to do a trip away for your bachelorette, it is time to get planning it now!


House Party

You or a bridesmaid that has a home perfect for a party. You could tie it in with a bridal shower perhaps. You could fill the night with lots of silliness and games. You could even think about getting something like Melbourne Memories Party Booths to have for the night. Then you will have great photo memories of the night with all of your friends and family at the party. It can be a cheap way to have a bachelorette too. People can bring their own drinks, and you can decorate as much or as little as you would like.


Spa Day

If you aren’t a massive party animal, then you might prefer to have something like a spa day. It could just be a small number of you that go. It makes it nice and intimate that way too. It will be so nice to pamper yourselves, have facials or massages and just relax. I think bachelorette or not, this needs to happen before the wedding anyway. You deserve to relax after planning a wedding!


Photo credit: Bethany Small


Dine Out for the Evening

You could pick your favorite restaurant to go to and have a meal with your bridesmaids and friends. Sometimes it makes it more fun if you all dress up smartly or even do fancy dress. It might be a special experience to go to a fine dining restaurant too, somewhere with a Michelin star, for example. Though I don’t think fancy dress would go down well at one of those restaurants, as sometimes that have dress codes. It will make you feel all fancy, though; a real treat. You could then go wherever the night takes you and finish up in a bar or nightclub. It is your party, so you can choose!

Does A Wonderful Wedding Need A Perfect Proposal?

We’ve all seen them – those YouTube videos that go viral within days of being put up. Where a high school kid has hired a marching band to ask his sweetheart to go to prom with him. How you feel about these videos can tell a lot about you as a person; about half of us will say “Oh, how romantic” while the other half will cringe. Not only has the high school kid been an enormous try-hard, he’s set an unacceptably high bar too.

Those videos also exist for marriage proposals, of course. A level of planning which is somewhere on a par with invading a small island nation goes into asking the question. And sometimes it can look like it’s been done not for the proposer or the proposee, but the hit counter. After all, you can be extravagant with your proposal, but the production values on some of these videos are suspiciously good.

So, what matters when it comes to a marriage proposal? Is it important to make sure the whole thing is Hollywood rom-com perfect? Are stilt-walkers overkill? What is and isn’t indispensable? And are the YouTube heroes actually missing the point?


  1. Put A Ring On It

There is, officially, nothing about the engagement ring that makes a proposal more binding than it would be without. However, its symbolic value is relevant to the process. You will want to announce the engagement and you will be asked to show a ring as evidence. Marching band or no marching band, viral or no, Tacori engagement rings will make the whole thing real in a visual way.

  1. One Knee, Or Not One Knee?

Photo credit: Kimberly Florence

Sometimes cliches exist because they’re just right somehow. When someone has got engaged, the question is often “So, did he/she get down on one knee?”. The implication is that somehow it will be disappointing if the proposer has missed this bit out. Again, nothing is any more or less official for this, but the tradition of proposing on bended knee is sweet, costs nothing and feels right.

  1. The Family’s Blessing

In reality for a marriage proposal to be complete, it needs two people’s assent. The asker and the asked. However, this is the joining of two families and it’s important to get it off on the right foot. If it is likely to be expected of you that you get the blessing of your intended’s parents, then make sure you get their blessing. Getting engaged is such a buzz, but that buzz can be killed quickly by an irate parent asking why they weren’t consulted.

When it really comes down to it, the most important thing is that the proposal reflects the couple getting engaged. Traditions are traditions, but some of us aren’t that traditional. If you have a flair for the dramatic, why not have an extravagant set-up? And at the same time, if you’re simply focused on one another, it’s more than fine to have a simple, quiet proposal. If that’s what reflects you, then that’s what’s right.

5 Ways to Making Diamond Engagement Ring Shopping a Lot Easier


Photo credit: Noam Carver

Choosing a diamond engagement ring, let alone any ring, you are going to propose to your future fiancé with can be a daunting task. You may have never dreamt you would be in this scenario, but the time has arisen! You just know your partner will love a diamond ring for engagement, so you want to make sure she gets everything she hoped for.


The good news is, it’s all a lot easier than you think. Once you know a few things, build up some knowledge on the commonalities in diamond rings, you will know exactly what you are doing. It can be tricky when you’re searching online however and if you need a point in the right direction, you can find some brilliant diamond engagement rings at Serendipity Diamonds. Their stunning collection showcases a range of settings, diamond cuts and sizes that will suit the tastes of your chosen one.


So now let’s look at some key elements you will need to know to make the diamond engagement ring shopping much easier.


  1. Get a price fixed in your head. Knowing how much you want to spend on the diamond ring will really help you narrow down your choices. Maybe you and your partner are going shopping and are purchasing together which may make things easier. If not however, you want to know your budget and go for something within the parameter.


  1. Get clued up on the 4 C’s: ‘The four who’s?’ I can hear you asking in the back of your mind. The four C’s are pretty simple. They just include the colour, cut, carat weight and clarity of a diamond. These will vastly affect the price and look of your ring. These specifications were established by the GIA. Buying your ring from a GIA certified store or jeweller is another thing you want to watch out for to ensure they’re reputable. For example, choose a trusted store like Serendipity Diamonds in the UK and is GIA certified.


  1. Get to know your partners taste in jewellery. This may mean doing some sneaking around on your part, but it will help! If she has any rings with gemstones in or smaller diamonds, you can get an idea of the band style and settings she likes. Does she prefer something more toned down or something that stands out? These are the elements you want to look out for. You will also want to look at the shapes of stones she prefers. This comes down to the cut of the diamond and should influence your choice in this department. Are there mainly square stones, round stones, diamond shaped stones in her collection?


  1. Get the size pinned down. The sure fire way of getting this correct is sneaking away one of her rings and taking it to the jeweller. They will then inspect it and figure out the correct measurement and use it to craft the engagement ring.


Getting familiar with these elements will really help you pin down the perfect diamond engagement ring to buy your fiancé.

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