Keep Your ‘Focus’ And Make Sure Your Wedding Photos Are Fantastic!

Your wedding photos are so important. They give you the ability to look back on one of the most special days of your life, in years to come. They’ll be seen by family and friends, and (hopefully!) will be hung in your home with pride. And so the photography on the day isn’t something to be overlooked.


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Make Sure You’re Happy With Your Appearance

You don’t want to end up with wedding photos you hate because you don’t like how you looked in them. In the run up to the wedding, spend time focusing on yourself. Address your diet and exercise, so you feel like you’re in good shape. Have a facial and stick to a good skincare routine so that your skin is in the best condition possible. Don’t make any dramatic changes such as your hair colour too close to your wedding, as you might look back and regret it. Doing a test run of your hair and makeup is always a good idea too. Be sure to try on your dress close to the big day to make sure everything fits as it should. Have a vision in mind of how you want to look early on and then work towards this. That way, later down the line you don’t have any regrets about how you looked or last minute decisions.


Use an Experienced Wedding Photographer

When weddings are so expensive, it can be tempting to cut costs. But this should never be on the photography. A professional wedding photographer will have the skills and experience needed to capture your big day perfectly. Again, you don’t want to look back in years to come and be upset about low quality or amateurish photos. Do your research and find out which reputable photography companies are local to you. You should be able to see a portfolio of their work, like here on Liam Smith Photography for example. Many photographers will offer packages and things that can save you a bit of money.


Speak to Your Wedding Photographer Before The Big Day

It’s likely that you’ll have ideas about some shots you’d like taken of your big day. A consultation, whether it’s a meeting in person or a Skype call, will give you a chance to let your wedding photographer know what these are. It might be certain poses or scenes you want to include. It could be close-ups of the rings or something else. A good wedding photographer will know all the best shots to take, but if you’re after anything specific then make sure you speak to them about it. On your actual wedding day, you’ll need to point out your important guests too since your photographer won’t know who they are. Close family of both the bride and groom, for example, will be people who you will want to feature heavily in your wedding guest photos.


Create an Instagram Tag

Create an Instagram hashtag, and ask friends and family to share any of the snaps they have taken of the day using this. While they won’t be professional photos, it’s an excellent way to see your wedding from a different perspective. Then after the wedding, you can scroll through and see all of the pictures taken by people who attended in one place. You could also put disposable cameras as on all of the reception tables, and ask guests to take pictures of each other as another added bonus.

Why Writing Your Own Vows Is So Special


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If you’re looking for ways to make your big day that bit more special and personal to you, why not consider writing your own wedding vows? While there’s a lot of thought and effort involved in something like this, it’s a beautiful way to enter into married life. Plus there’s a whole lot of benefits in doing so. Here are some of the reasons you should write your own wedding vows!


They Can Be Customized To Your Relationship

Writing your own vows allows you to draw on your experiences together so far. For example, in this article, a bride-to-be addresses her dear future husband and reflects on the things she loves about him. If you feel as though you don’t know where to start, doing something like this beforehand could give you something to work from when writing your vows.


You Can Choose The Tone

Traditional wedding vows are exactly that… traditional. But if this doesn’t fit with the theme of your wedding then vows written by you and your partner will work much better. Whether you’re wedding is more whimsical or even if you want to keep things a little more lighthearted, writing your own vows can allow you to do this. Just make sure you and your partner are on the same page. As if one of you wants something heartfelt and the other’s is laced with comedy it could cause a bit of a surprise on the big day!


You Can Choose The Meaning

Many traditional wedding vows are based on God and religion, but if you and your groom aren’t religious, then these won’t be fitting to you. Instead, you can decide on exactly what you want to promise to your partner throughout your wedding.


It Adds a Personal Touch To Your Wedding

Your wedding is about the relationship between you and your partner. So why wouldn’t the vows- technically one of the most important aspects of the wedding- be about you too? While traditional vows can be beautiful, if you don’t want to recite the same thing as millions of other couples before you then writing your own vows is a great way to go.


It’s More Interesting For The Guests

As well as being a commitment between you and the groom, you have asked your friends and family along to the wedding as you want them to share your big day. Writing your own vows gives loved ones an incredible insight into your relationship. Whether you want to make them laugh or make them cry, custom vows will always be more interesting to hear.


You Can Frame Them Afterward

After the wedding, you can have the wedding vows you both wrote made into a beautiful, one-off piece of art. This is a really special memento of the day, and plus it serves as a reminder of the path you want your marriage to take. Sites like Etsy have lots of artists and designers who are fantastic at putting together pieces like this.


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Incorporate Your Family Heritage Into Your Wedding With These Beautiful Ideas

When planning a wedding, many couples will question how they can make their big day more personal. After all, nobody wants to have a wedding that lacks meaning. From engraved rings to DIY decorations, there are plenty of ways in which you can add more personality to your big day. But including your family’s heritage and culture is a surefire way of making your wedding feel extra special. It allows you to express how important your family and background is to you and helps your guests learn more about you. But how can you successfully incorporate your heritage into your big day? Take a look at these beautiful ideas to find out.


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Your wedding attire


One of the biggest decisions you will make when it comes to planning your wedding is what you intend to wear. You naturally want to look your best, but why not also use your attire to showcase your heritage too. From authentic Scottish kilts to colourful sarees, there are many clothing options you both can choose from. Some brides will wear a white dress for the ceremony and then change into another outfit that relates to their culture for the reception. Another option is to wear a sash over your wedding dress that includes yours or your partner’s family tartan or crest. Do plenty of research into your culture to find out what wedding attire brides traditionally wear for more ideas.


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Your wedding favors


Wedding favors are a fantastic way of thanking your guests for their attendance and gives them a memento from your big day. This is another perfect opportunity to include your heritage. Your wedding favors could include some traditional homemade sweets or baked goods from the country your family is from. If you have Chinese or Japanese heritage, engraved chopsticks or elaborate fans could be wonderful favors for your guests. For couples with Irish heritage, a packet of seeds for a clover plant is a fun and relevant favor idea. The possibilities truly are endless. Look online and in bridal magazines to see what other couples from similar cultures have created for further inspiration.


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Your wedding music


The music for your wedding doesn’t just have to include modern love songs. It can also be a subtle way of incorporating your culture and heritage into your special day. Perhaps you could hire a bagpipe or steel drum player to accompany you walking into your wedding venue. A gospel choir could be an amazing addition to your reception and help your guests get into a celebratory mood. If you have a Celtic background, a traditional choir or folk band can sing and play songs you remember from your childhood. Whichever option you decide to use, also remember to include some contemporary music that your guests are familiar with too.


These are just a handful of ways in which you can incorporate your family’s heritage and culture into your big day. Don’t forget to include your partner’s heritage too. This will create an interesting combination that makes your wedding truly unique.


Planning Your Wedding: What You Can Leave To The Groom

If you are preparing for your upcoming nuptials, you will know just how stressful it can be to organise a wedding. You only have a few people you trust to help you out with it – you know, people who just ‘get’ what you want your big day to be like. If you are anything like most women, that small list of people will probably include your husband to be. After all, how can you expect someone who still doesn’t use the laundry bin, to organise a wedding?! But, by getting your fiance involved you could actually save yourself a tonne of work – and help him gain a sense of accomplishment too. So what exactly can you leave to the groom, and what is it best that you stick to organising?


The catering

You might think that is a risky thing to leave your groom to sort out. But, as long as you chat to him about it first and impose some guidelines, there’s no reason why he can’t arrange the catering for your wedding. Plus, men like food – chances are he’ll be better at organising this side of the wedding rather than the decor! Encourage him to read reviews of local companies and chefs just to ensure that there aren’t any horror stories lurking anywhere. If you both love a certain cuisine, ask him to look at companies that specialise in that certain food. Leaving your man to organise the food will free up plenty of your time, so you can focus on other aspects of your big day.


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The suits

When it comes to suits for the groom and his groomsmen, you might think you know better than them – especially if you help your partner with his clothes shopping on a regular basis. But this is one occasion where it is best if you leave it to him to sort out. The most important thing is that your groom feels comfortable and confident in what he wears on his wedding day. If you are hovering over the fitting, he may feel pressured to buy something that he thinks YOU will like instead. Plus, fittings are always supervised by an expert, who will be able to help you man choose the perfect suit. Suit fittings are also a bit of a groomsmen tradition, so it is best to let them have their boys time together!


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The bridesmaid dresses

We’ve all seen the television show ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’, where the groom organises the ENTIRE wedding; including picking the bridesmaid dresses. Even if your man is a pretty dapper guy, he’s fairly unlikely to know much about women’s clothing. It is definitely better to follow your female intuition and  choose your bridesmaid dresses with your girls in mind. You will be able to understand how they will fit and fall on a female body much more than your groom would be able to.


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The finishing touches

In many cases, it is actually better to delegate some of the ‘bigger’ tasks for the wedding to your groom. This is because typically, men pay less attention to detail than women, especially when it comes to weddings. Your groom may overlook certain things to do with your wedding that might not seem huge, but that will certainly make a difference to the day. For example, he could forget to organise any flowers for decoration, or place names for the wedding dinner. If you have a very clear idea of the individual details you want to make your wedding special, it is best to organise these yourself.


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Become a Smarter Antique Engagement Ring Buyer with These Tips

Many go for an antique engagement ring due to its uniqueness that is unlike any other. Their enchantment is rooted within history, each with a unique story of their own. With emeralds, sapphires, interesting cuts and more, antique rings are really quite the spectacle.


If you are reading this article, we bet you have succumbed to the magic the antique ring can emit. You have a feeling in your gut your fiancée couldn’t imagine an engagement ring more perfect than an antique one. If that’s the case, you will need to know some useful facts to help you throughout the buying process.


The thing about buying something this unique is that they are not like any other engagement rings. However, the process is not rocket science. You see the antique ring you love and go for it. Right? This article will discuss some essential things you need to know to get you the best ring possible in a safe and successful way.


If you are still searching for your antique engagement ring, why not visit to see their elegant collections? There you will find a host of beautiful rings spanning across a range of eras.


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  • Think about insurance for your antique ring


If you are going to opt for an antique, then make sure to buy insurance to go with it. You can usually buy a policy, so it’s included with your current home insurance. Alternatively, you can take out a specialist policy from a company who deals with antique jewellery to give you extra peace of mind. Always remember to keep it updated whenever you move home too.


  • Asking the right questions before you purchase the ring


When you are physically in store and have the opportunity to converse with the sales staff, it’s always wise to go prepared.

It pays to ask the following questions:


  • What karat is the gold made in? It is common for many antique rings to be made in either 15 or 18 karats.


  • Can I see the mark to confirm this? Once they tell you the karat, you can often see a mark for confirmation where it has been acid tested to ensure the quality.


  • What size are the stones? What is the exact colour (or lack of) and clarity? Precious stones, such as diamonds, are graded, so the specialist should show you where they come to on the grading scale for confirmation. They should also be able to confirm the exact weight of a stone in carat.


  • If it’s an antique, are there any marks, chips or signs of wear and tear I should know about? The smaller damages may not always be easily seen by the naked eye. You want to also make sure that the ring hasn’t undergone serious repairs. Therefore, it is wise to ask the jeweller whether it has been restored. If so, what exactly has been done?


As you can see, it’s wise to get into specifics whenever you are asking for details about the antique. If you are unsure of anything, ask for further clarification or take down notes for further research. It is a sizeable portion of money for a very important event, so you want to make sure everything goes smoothly first time round.

Don’t Forget The Fun Before The Wedding!

When you are planning your wedding, it seems like everything in the world revolves around that one big day. All of your energy, money and time goes into to thinking about that event that often seems very far off in the distant future. But it’s important to remember that there are some fun things to enjoy on the way to the wedding too. Read on to find out what they are.


Engagement Party


Everything about this journey to get married that you and your partner have decided on should be celebrated. Starting with the very first step – your engagement. Some people are put off having an engagement party because they don’t want to incur the cost. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a good time.


You can have a meal out with your nearest and dearest to celebrate, or if you do have people over to yours, a few bottle of wine and some nibbles will be enough. Just remember that there will be plenty of people in your life that will want to celebrate this momentous occasion with you. So it’s worth making the most of your engagement.


Engagement Shoot


Something else that is a lot of fun to do and that happens way before the wedding is your engagement photo shoot. This is where you and fiance get together and have some professional pictures taken to mark your decision to marry.


Photo credit: Pixabay


These pictures can be used at your wedding. Put them in a frame and get everyone to sign their name like a guest book. Then you can replace the picture with your wedding day photos once you have them back. Or you can use them on your wedding invites too.


It’s also a lovely chance for you and your fiance to share some happy memories together, and mark the beginning of your journey into marriage.


Making the Invites


Another thing that is fun that you can do together is to make your own wedding invites. Of course, invites can cost a lot, especially if you go for professional ones. So why not bulk buy some card in your wedding colors along with some lace, ribbon, and rhinestones and get creative together.


It’s a nice moment to share, because as you make and send the invites the whole wedding days starts to become that little bit more real.


Bucks and Hens


Of course, you don’t have to have all your fun together. In fact, it’s pretty traditional to have at least one big night out without each other, to say goodbye to singledom for good.


The hens tend to be pretty on top of all of this. If not speak to your bridesmaids, and give them a clear idea of what you want for your last night out as a single woman!  


If your other half is struggling with the organizational side of his stag do, show him companies that can run bucks parties. Then he’ll get a great night with less of the stress and chaos.


Food Tasting


Lastly, another thing to enjoy the food tasting for the big day. Some wedding venues really go all out and give you the luxury treatment with wine and sample of all the courses.

Essential Help For Brides To Be When Sorting Out Their Honeymoon

One of the best things about getting married is the relaxing honeymoon after the big day. Believe us, after the stress of wedding planning, you will be ready to relax with your new husband. However, a lot of people leave honeymoon planning until the last minute as they are busy planning their big day! But you should be sorting the honeymoon at least nine months before you go. Here is some essential help for brides to be when sorting out the honeymoon.


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Get it booked well in advance


It’s so easy to leave sorting out the honeymoon until the last minute. However, you are not going to get the best deals available to you. After all, flight and hotel costs will go up dramatically just before the big day. As well as this, they will get booked up, and there won’t be any space for you and your new husband on the jet! Therefore, go and talk to the travel agent at least nine months before you want to go on a honeymoon. That way, you will have a chance to look at different options and make the right decision that you won’t regret later.


Don’t get yourself into debt


A lot of us forget that their life after the wedding so if you get into debt now, you and your new husband will end up paying it off for the next couple of years! Therefore, as much as you want a brilliant honeymoon, you should ensure you don’t spend too much on the special trip. Make cuts on other unnecessary things for the big day so that you have more to spend on your honeymoon! That way, you won’t end up getting in debt after the wedding day!


Go clothes shopping and pack your case early


With all the stress of wedding planning, it’s hard to find time to go honeymoon clothes shopping. But you don’t want to end up leaving it till last minute as you might not find everything you need. It can be hard to buy new clothing when you are busy paying for everything for the wedding. However, look in the sales and look online for discount codes such as Lord&Taylor Promo Codes. That way, you can buy new clothes on a budget for your honeymoon. And remember to pack everything early. You will be so busy that you won’t get a chance to do it the day before the wedding!


Decide if you want a new passport before you go


You might get excited and rush to book your honeymoon with your new surname. However, you need to ensure that all these details match your legal documents. Otherwise, you could end up with confusion about your travel reservations if you don’t have any matching documents. Therefore, you should decide if you plan to change your passport book before you go. If you can’t afford the cost at the moment, you might want to put your maiden name and then change it at a later date!


Remember to think carefully before booking when to go. As it says in this article, you might want to leave it a couple of days after the wedding as you will be exhausted the next day. It also gives you a chance to speak to relatives who might have traveled a long way for the big day. And you get to open your presents and cards which are always fun!

Super Ways To Save Money When Planning Your Wedding

Wouldn’t it be great if we had an endless budget when planning our wedding? Unfortunately, we have to reign it in a bit more than those multi-millionaires when organising our big day! But if we can save money here and there on certain parts of the planning, we can then spend more on the parts of the wedding that we really want to splash out on. Here are some top tips on super ways to save money when planning your wedding.

marriage-923660_1280Image credit: Pixaby


Reception Party

Would rather save your money to splash out on a luxurious honeymoon? If so, consider trying to save some money at your reception party. Here, it’s time to get brutal with the guest list! Do you really think Aunt Nora wants to stay up dancing until 1 am, or are you just inviting her out of courtesy? Could you make a no kids rule to save a bit on the catering? Are you inviting certain work friends just because you would feel guilty if you didn’t? Go through the list with a fine tooth comb. Also, consider having your wedding and reception mid-week or on a Sunday. There are often huge savings to be made at venues if you choose these days. Another great tip is to choose a venue that doesn’t require you to use their vendors. If you source your own, with a bit of research, you can make some big savings.

love-1341480_1280Image credit: Pixaby



Do you have some arts and crafts friends that are great with fabric and design? If so, utilise them now! People love to help out at weddings, and if you can save some money by getting your most creative friends to help decorate your venue, then why not! Also, think about friends that have recently got married. Do they have any items stored away that you could borrow for decorating your venue? Now is the time to ask for help.

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Wedding Dress

If you want a stunning designer wedding dress, but the budget doesn’t stretch, think about buying a pre-owned wedding dress. There are many websites that list beautiful pre-owned designer gowns that have only been worn once before. Or, if you are blowing the budget on a luxury dress, make a pact with yourself to sell it on immediately afterwards. Use an online wedding calculator to find out the value of wedding dress. After having your dress professionally cleaned you can then make some of your money back by selling it on to another future bride-to-be.

petit-fours-1566257_1280Image credit: Pixaby


Skip The Sit-Down Meal

You can slash the catering costs of your wedding by skipping the sit-down meal. There are absolutely no rules to say you have to go traditional. For a cool and relaxed vibe, you could have a barbeque buffet in the evening and just serve canapés in the afternoon. Or perhaps go country hip and serve a huge hog roast with fresh sides. Another fashionable new trend is to have a cocktail-style reception party. Here you just serve hors d’oeuvres throughout the afternoon and evening. Bite size plates are often a great idea, as a big evening meal can leave people feeling tired afterwards. Catering can account for up to half of your wedding budget, so if you can save money here, you are onto a big winner. There are lots of creative ways to serve up a delicious meal without totting up a huge catering bill.

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Diamond Shapes that Work Best on Custom Wedding Rings

Choosing a wedding ring is a big deal. In fact, it can be a scary business. Not only is the investment value huge but you often experience mixed emotions when picking something you are going to be wearing for the rest of your life.


If you are choosing a customised ring design however, half the battle is already won. You are already creating something completely unique to the person you love. Due to it being one-of-a-kind, it already carries more sentimental value and weight then purchasing a shop brought ring.

So how do diamond shapes come into all of this? Well, picking the right shape for your customised ring can bring it to a new level. The cut or shape is what gives the diamonds its depth and sparkly characteristics. The shape is also one of the first things you will notice and probably love (or hate) about the ring. So it’s important to know what is out there and which suits customised rings the best.


If you want to discover the best custom wedding rings in Sydney, head down to Delphi diamonds to discover some of the most beautiful shapes for your custom designs. Where you look can often be important as how you look, so choosing somewhere which has a range of first-class diamonds that come in a variety of shapes is crucial.


Let’s take a look at some popular shapes for engagement rings you may want to choose from:


  • Round brilliant cut – This is by far the most popular choice amongst consumers for engagement ring cuts. This is more of the traditional choice which is why it blends so perfectly with something customised as you still get to keep that element of familiarity. The depth in design of this shape also gives it optimal shine and fire too.


  • The princess shape: As it says with the name, you can make your lady feel like a princess (if not queen) with this shape. This cut dates back to the seventies and has trimmed, pointy corners and comes in a pyramid shape. It really suits customised engagement rings due to the shine it radiates and how contemporary it looks.


  • Heart shaped diamond: If you are making all this effort to show her how much you care with a custom engagement ring, why not top it off with a heart shaped diamond? This is the ultimate symbol and expression of your love which gives off the air of romance whilst looking feminine on her hands.


  • Radiant shape: With 70 facets (increasing its depth on the underside of the diamond) this diamond truly is radiant by name and by nature. It will stand out on any customised design no matter how simple of complex it may be. The radiant shape is a combination of the emerald and the round so you get both qualities from those stunning cuts in the price of one.
Branco Prada

Photo credit: Branco Prata Studios


We hope you love our stand-out shapes for customised engagement rings. Choosing the best for your fiancé will really depend on her personal preferences but these are some of the most radiant designs that suit customised designs wonderfully.



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