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Wedding Reception Venues for Large Celebrations



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A wedding reception is basically a party which is held post marriage ceremony. The event is held in the form of hospitality for the guests who attended the marriage ceremony and thus the name reception. The couple receive the entire society as friends and family for the first time as married couple. The hosts offer their choice of drinks and foods and the wedding cake is popular at the event. Planning a wedding reception is a daunting task for the married couple and even for the ones who are involved in organising the entire ceremony. There are a number of factors that need to be considered when planning a wedding reception and these include choosing the wedding reception venue, making the choice of chair and table hire company, choosing catering services and organising games and other events for the reception. Here, we will have a look at some of the best wedding reception venues for large celebrations.


Choosing Wedding Reception Venues as per Individual Taste

There are different varieties of wedding reception venues for both small and large celebrations. Married couples and their friends and family members can always choose their wedding reception venues as per their individual taste considering the fact that each venue type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the best wedding reception venues for large celebrations include:



Large church halls are primarily one of the best wedding reception venues for large celebrations. Churches are the best venues for wedding receptions because they are convenient for the guests. Churches serve as the most cost-effective wedding reception venue because there are hardly any rental fees charged for the venue. One of the major advantages of choosing a church as the perfect wedding reception venue is that you will not have to spend a huge amount of money in taking the services of table hire companies. This is because most of the times you get the wedding table right at the church which saves you from spending money on hiring the wedding table.


Outdoor Gardens and Parks

Outdoor gardens and parks also serve as the best wedding reception venues because they offer scenic views and also do not require elaborate decorations. The beauty of these outdoor locations itself offer the backdrop that is needed for a wedding reception. However, factors like weather conditions need to be taken into consideration because they can spoil the entire event. Another important thing that needs to be considered is taking the chair and table hire services from a reputable company. This is because you might require a good number of chairs and tables for the occasion.


Hotel or Restaurant

There are restaurants with private rooms which are quite large for lavishing wedding reception celebrations. You also have the option of going for large hotels equipped with large ballrooms and banquet halls specifically designed for handling a large celebration.


The suggestions that have been provided above give a perfect insight on some of the most popular wedding reception venues. However, the choice of a couple will reflect their personal taste and style.

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Mother Of The Bride: How Your Mum Can Help Organise Your Wedding


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Getting ready for a wedding can be quite stressful for all brides. There is always a lot to organise and sort out before the big day comes. Sure, you will have your bridesmaids there by your side, but sometimes it can feel very reassuring to have someone else to support you as well. If you can’t afford a professional wedding planner, then there is someone else who will be happy to help you out. And that’s your mum! The mother of the bride is an important part of every wedding. She isn’t just there to look nice in her dress! If your mum is keen to help out, here are some helpful ways she can help out.

Help With The Guest List

Your mum will be able to give you a hand with the guest list. Chances are, her phonebook will have much more relatives and family friends in there than yours does. So she can help advise you on who to invite. Plus, she can give you their addresses so that you can send the invites out. However, it’s not just about your family. You also need to invite the groom’s friends and family as well. Ask your mum if she will speak to your fiance’s mother. That way, the two of them can figure out the guest list.


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Visit Venues

You will need to check out a few different venues before you commit to one. This way, you can see all the different types of venues that are available. And you can decide which one will suit your whole day better. If you take your mother with you, she will be able to support you through the day. Ask her for her opinion to see what she thinks you should do. Of course, you don’t need to follow her advice, but it is always good to hear a different point of view. If your parents live on a farm or in a large home in the country, then she might even offer to put a marquee up in some of their land. This can greatly bring the overall costs of your wedding down.

Organise Transport

You and your bridesmaids will need a way of getting to the church on time! There are a variety of different ways you can get there. Two of the most popular ways are in a horse-drawn carriage or a limousine. A horse and carriage is popular with couples who are having a rural ceremony in a village or very small town. Those getting married in large towns and cities usually go for limousines or classic cars. Why don’t you ask your mum if she can call around a few companies to get a quote for the day? She can also do some online research at sites like


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Arrange A Photographer

Photographers are a key service at any wedding. It is important to get a photographer that you’re happy with. However, spending time looking for one can take up a huge wedge of your time. To make it easier on yourself, you should ask your mother to make a shortlist of some photographers. Get her to go online and see some of the ones that photograph weddings in your local area. Then she will need to call them for quotes. Ask her to shortlist about three or four that are within your price range. This then gives you fewer photographers to choose from! These days some couples don’t even want a photographer. Instead, they get their guests to take snaps using disposable cameras or Polaroids. If you opt for this, ask your mum to pick up the cameras next time she is out shopping. She might even be able to buy some online at shops such as  


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Bake A Wedding Cake

Many mums love to be hands on in organising the ceremony. Some love to take it one step further and create something for the big day. If your mother is a keen baker, why not ask her to bake your wedding cake? Your mum will know all of your favourite cake flavours, so you don’t have to worry about getting something you won’t like the taste of! Many couples now choose to have a display of cupcakes instead of a large cake. That way, you don’t just have to stick to one cake flavour!


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Sorting Out The Presents

During the day, you’ll have guests coming up to you with various wedding gifts and presents. You’ll want to thank them personally, however, you should be organised with the gifts otherwise you could end up misplacing them. Instead, get your mum to set up a table somewhere in the reception venue that guests can place them on. She can also be responsible for transporting them back to your house. If she has driven to your wedding, she will be able to pack all the presents into her car. That way, you know there is someone keeping an eye on all the gifts, so none of them go missing!

Thank You Notes

Just like your mum helped you with sending out all your invitations, you can also get her to help with sending out thank you notes. Get her to dig out all her addresses from her phone book again. If you are planning on jetting off on honeymoon soon after the ceremony, she can also put each note into the post for you. You don’t need to write personal notes to everyone. Just the same general message of thank you to everyone will do. It doesn’t have to be handwritten either. So if you are in a super rush, don’t feel bad about emailing a message to your mum for her to print out and stick in everyone’s thank you note. Just be sure to leave her some cash to cover any expenses she might have to cover.

So next time your mum asks to help out in your wedding planning, give her one of these useful jobs to do. You’ll both benefit!

Key Services You Need To Hire For A Perfect Wedding

Weddings are momentous occasions, and as such, it’s impossible to organize one alone. Indeed, it can feel like an army operation at times. You’ll be recruiting bits of help left, right and center in order to execute your perfect day in stylish fashion.

This also means weddings can be expensive occasions, leading people to hire amateur services, or none at all. However, I wouldn’t recommend this. As good a DJ your brother is, it’s unlikely he’ll be as skilled at reading a crowd as a professional would.

So, if you’ve just announced your engagement and it’s time to get down to business, here are the six biggest phone numbers you’ll need on your list.

A videographer


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Sure, an image speaks a thousand words, but a video speaks even more. As good as your photographer may be, it’s quite hard to capture the spirit of the occasion in a bunch of stills.

To combat this effect, you can use a videographer to document the entire day. Once it’s over, the videographer will take all the footage and edit it down into a short, artistic video. This is then available for you on disc or digitally, making it easy to share with friends. Now, you can relive those vows forever!

An event company

Rather than opting for any old event company, choose one that’s better when it comes to a wedding event venue. This way, you can build your day around a location that’s positively primed for a wedding, rather than any old function room.

Some event companies even offer in-house catering, which negates the need to hire your own. Place an inquiry into the services you get from the price, and look for a company that gives you more for your money.

A caterer

On the other hand, if your catering doesn’t come with the venue, then you’ll need to seek one out yourself. I wouldn’t recommend serving up a few basic sandwiches and nibbles yourself. You need the food to be as professionally presented as the wedding itself.

So consult with your caterer beforehand, and get things right. Factor in every group of people – kids, vegetarians, vegans – to make sure everyone’s happy. And has a full stomach.


As we previously mentioned, your brother may be a fine home DJ, but the wedding stage is a different thing. Some alternatives here include hiring a live band, to add a bit more personality to proceedings. Make sure you give the DJ a list of songs beforehand, so they can cater the music to your family’s tastes.

A florist


A specialized florist will be able to help you choose the perfect flowers for your occasion. It’s unlikely you’ll have an in-depth knowledge of them yourself, so take advantage of the expertise. The florist may be able to suggest cheaper alternatives, which can save you cash without sacrificing the look.

A cake designer

Some families choose to bake the cake themselves, but unless you’re related to a baker, I’d get a professional. It’s near-impossible to create that majestic wedding cake look yourself at home, and trust me, you’ll want it. Having a tiered cake, with a funny set of mini-figures on top, will give you a treat to remember.

Did you hire any of these services when you were planning your wedding? Any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

Designing Your Wedding – Where Does It Start?

If you’ve just announced your engagement, then you’re ready to start planning your wedding! There is a lot to organize. You may have a scrapbook or a few bride magazines already. Putting ideas together is quite tricky, though. There are so many beautiful ideas and so many incredible designers. So how can you start to find the ideas that will work for your wedding? It can certainly be a struggle to get started with designing a whole wedding.

One of the easiest ways to begin is to agree on a theme. It may be a period like Victorian, the 1960s or Contemporary. Or you might choose a single color to tie in all the elements of your wedding. A period will usually determine shapes and styles. A color will give you more freedom to be quite eclectic in your choices of designs for the wedding.

Once you’ve made a decision, you can start with the invitations. Wedding invites provide a kind of teaser for the wedding. It gives your guests a preview of what to expect at your big event. You might make the color you’ve chosen prominent. Or maybe you can use fonts and shapes to help identify the style or period you have selected for your wedding. Even the language on the cards could be a part of it!


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Your dress is one of the biggest design elements of your wedding. What you are wearing should sum up your entire theme on its own. If you’re after a 1920’s theme, you may have chosen a shorter length with bonnet true to a ‘flapper girl’ style. If you’re keen to adopt a more contemporary theme, perhaps you will choose a dress in a theme color rather than white? There are so many options, but it’s good to stay true to your design right down to the dress.

A color theme such as blue or gold can be seen in every part of your wedding. The wedding dress may have colored stitching, hem trim, or sash waist. The chair coverings may be entirely one color, or finished with colored bows from your theme. Even the cake can be decorated with icing flowers of your chosen color. Buttonholes, centerpieces, and your bouquet can all feature this beautiful color.

Your design may also include a particular pattern or shape. This can easily be sewn into your wedding dress by a competent dressmaker. It may feature on your table cloths and napkins. Perhaps the shape can be formed from the flowers in your bouquet or centerpieces? This same shape may be a part of the design of your wedding ring too. It may all have been inspired by your engagement ring! It truly can start from anywhere.

Coming up with a design isn’t essential to get married. But it does mean that you can have a completely unique day that you have created. What better way to exercise your creative talents? Of course, if you are designing your own wedding, make sure your photographer captures every element of your big day. Have a beautiful customized wedding of your own design.

Pre-wedding Essentials

The run up to your wedding day can be pretty hectic to say the least. Not only is there so much to plan and organise, there’s also the added pressure of making sure you look great and the worry that everyone remembers exactly what they’re supposed to be doing and at the right time. Here’s a reminder of some pre-wedding essentials you need to get organised in time for the big day, just in case you forget:

  • Setting up your wedding gift list

Spending sometime setting up your wedding gift list is really important. Traditionally a gift list is to help you get set up for married life together so involves lots of essentials like cutlery, a toaster and kettle etc. But, as so many couples live together before marriage now things have changed a bit. Use your list to get beautiful things for your house to make it feel more homely and special as you start married life. Sites like Cox and Cox for some gorgeous interior inspiration.

  • Check your passport is in date

Making sure that both your passports are in date in time for the honeymoon is vital and something that often gets forgotten in the run up to a wedding. The passport renewal system can take a while in busy periods but usually about 3 weeks and an emergency run to the passport offices located in Liverpool, London, Durham or Glasgow.

  • Put together the table favours

Little things like table favours can easily be forgotten. They give you chance to thank your guests for coming to your wedding and allow you to add a little personal touch to the day. By thinking about these in advance you’ll be able to put together some cute little favours which symbolise your relationship and put a smile on your guests’ faces.

  • The cake

Organising the cake well in advance is super important to make sure you get exactly what you want and the cake designer you desire.  With specialists being booked up well in advance it’s important to organise this early on then it’s one thing off the list that can’t get forgotten about at the last minute. Try and think about what you want for your cake rather than pleasing your guests and always plan for the amount of people you have coming.

There’s so much to organise when planning a wedding that it can all get really stressful. By considering these 4 essentials far in advance you’ll hopefully not forget anything and have a wonderful wedding day.

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This Is The Only Wedding Checklist You Will Need

So your big day is coming up soon? How are you getting on with all the wedding planning? Hopefully, you should have everything under control. It’s understandable if you have some pre-wedding jitters. However, don’t let these add to any stress you might be feeling about all the organization. Need some help? Here’s a wedding checklist to help you get everything done.

The Dress

The wedding dress is the part of the wedding that all brides worry about. Many are concerned that they won’t be able to find one that is flattering. Don’t get so worked up about it, though. If you visit a couple of bridal shops, you will certainly find something that suits your figure. Take your bridesmaids along with you so they can give you their honest thoughts and opinions.

The Venue

Maybe just as important as the dress, you need to also choose your perfect venue. Many people still favor a church wedding, although stately homes are starting to come into fashion. One of the benefits of having a wedding in a stately home is that you can often hold your reception there as well. But how about a wedding in a totally different and unique location? This is a great way to match your wedding to your personality.

The Food

You’ll have to organize a wedding breakfast for your reception. Many people decide on a three-course meal. But these days there are also many couples who want something a bit more relaxed and serve fish and chips or burgers. If you are having an evening party, it is also a good idea to plan some food for that as well. A finger food buffet is the easiest catering for evening parties. The guests will all be dancing and will not expect another big meal!


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The Theme

Every wedding needs a theme. This will then help you decide on a color scheme and what kinds of decorations you should use for the venue. Popular themes in recent years have been vintage and floral. Many people who come from the countryside choose a barnyard theme. This is a fantastic excuse for using lots of flowers and rustic decorations. Minimalist styles also work very well at weddings. For this, use neutral color shades and keep table decorations to a minimum.

Evening Entertainment

How do you want to entertain your guests during your evening party? There are a number of common options, including hiring a band or a DJ. Both of these options are a brilliant way of getting your guests onto their feet and dancing! If you want to get the guests involved even more, think about hiring a karaoke machine. Once everyone has had a bit to drink, they will be super keen to get up and show off their vocal talents!

Planning a wedding shouldn’t stress you out! If you use this checklist, then you don’t have to worry about forgetting any of the main things. Take a deep breath, relax, and just focus on enjoying your happy day!

How to Choose the Perfect Colour Scheme for Your Big Day

Every wedding has its own aesthetic, and creating something beautiful requires artistry and imagination on the part of bride and groom. You must endeavour to create an image that speaks of who you are as people, and your main tools for achieving this will be your theme and colour palette. The two will combine to form the backdrop for your big day, and you want it to have all the loveliness and arresting imagery of a piece of art.

But how you do achieve such an effect? Here are a few suggestions to inspire you…

Selecting a Colour Palette

Different colours conjure different emotions and images: pink is gentle and romantic; white is pure; black is dark and sinister. These connotations are important, and will play a key role in helping to craft the mood and essence of your wedding. Those who want a barefoot ceremony on a tropical beach, for example, may take their inspiration from the natural tones and shades around them, incorporating blue, sand, and coral in their colour scheme. Those seeking something more traditional, on the other hand, may settle for soft, muted pastels and virginal whites.

These colour pairings can be divided into three main concepts, and they’re useful to bear in mind for anyone seeking a harmonious overall effect. They are:


Monochromatic palettes tend to incorporate only one colour, with subtle variations in shade and tone. They are best achieved by choosing a base, and then adding in accents in hues that you would get from mixing black, white, or grey to the original. This creates an elegant overall effect, making it perfect for those who want a traditional, complementary colour scheme.


Analogous colour schemes feature choices that sit adjacent to each other on the colour wheel, such as blue, purple, and magenta. Although their variations are evident, they tend to look pleasing together, creating a bright but beautiful overall effect.


For those seeking to be a little more adventurous, a complementary palette might also be considered. These feature selections that sit on opposing sides of the colour wheel, and although they can be vibrant and eye-catching, the colours used need to be chosen very carefully to avoid a garish end result.

Incorporating Your Chosen Palette

Once you have settled on a colour scheme, you need to start applying it to the details of your wedding. Although you don’t want to go overboard, subtle accents of colour will create a harmonious and cohesive overall effect.

Thus, a few aspects that you might wish to colour coordinate are your:

  • Invitations
  • Flowers
  • Centrepieces
  • Tablecloths
  • Decorations
  • Wedding cake
  • Place cards
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Ties

Draw it all together, and your wedding will be a day of beauty, elegance, and sophistication, to be looked back upon as the perfect start to your perfect life together.




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