Boudoir Friday :: Tenley from the Bachelor

Today on Hot Pink is a boudoir session from the Boudoir Divas of  Tenley Molzhan from the Bachelor.  Happy Friday Hot Pink Lovelies :)

and a video from the shoot….

What to expect at a Boudoir Photo Shoot

Today I am super excited to share with you a rare guest post from the Boudoir Divas explaining what you can expect from a Boudoir experience.  I hope you all enjoy!


If you’ve decided that you would like to have a boudoir photography session, you will probably have plenty of questions. Most of our clients have tons of questions and concerns about their session, and we want to help ease your fears by helping you feel as prepared as possible!  The most frequently asked questions we hear when it comes to boudoir photography are:  1)What should I expect from my boudoir photo shoot?  And: 2)How should I prepare for my boudoir session? While every boudoir photographer is unique and each boudoir photography studio offers different services, in general, here are some helpful hints to show you how to prepare for your boudoir shoot. Once you have found your perfect boudoir photographer, you will no doubt be a little nervous about your photo shoot. Most women feel a little trepidation when they are thinking about their boudoir session, because this is something that is completely out of their comfort zone.  A little nervousness is completely normal, so don’t worry!  Just try your best to relax, have fun, and enjoy the experience!  We can not speak on behalf of all boudoir photographers and say what your session WILL be like but here are some expectations that should be met and we suggest you pick your boudoir photographer accordingly.

You can expect:
- That your photographer will professionally and respectfully coach you through your poses and session in a comfortable and private environment.  We know the every day woman is not a model and has no idea how to pose.  Your photographer will pick out the most flattering poses for you and coach you through the entire process from what to do with your hands, where to look, and what kind of facial expression to make. You may not love EVERY shot, but the goal is to find a reasonable amount of your boudoir shots that you absolutely love.
- You will be nervous but these nerves will subside with every moment during your session.  Almost every client coming in for a photo shoot will be nervous.  Your photographer’s job is to make you feel at ease and comfortable and ready to have a wonderful experience.
- That the shoot will remain at YOUR comfort level. Boudoir does not need to mean lingerie shots and your photographer will be able to make you look sexy in even a pretty dress or sweater. If you do want nudity you should check with you photographer to see that they offer that.  A lot of photographers prefer to do ‘illusion of nudity’ shots, so that it shows off your curves while still keeping the shot classy and beautiful.
- That your photos will remain private unless you sign a model release.
- That you will have the time of your life!

Here is a video of what to expect from the boudoir experience…

If you’re looking for the perfect boudoir photographer in your city, visit Boudoir International!

Boudoir is Back!!!!

Where do you go to find out about Boudoir Photography……”The Boudoir Divas” of course!  They were kind enough to talk to Hot Pink Brides about this very hawt topic!

Is Boudoir Back?

Last year, we claimed that “Boudoir Is Back”!  Although boudoir photography has been around for many years, there had always been a negative connotation with the word.  A lot of people thought boudoir was nothing more than a cheesy photo session, reminding them of glamour-shots from the early 90s!  We’ve worked hard to create a new definition of what boudoir really is: “Sexy and classy photos, for his eyes only.”


Is it a Gift?

A boudoir album is quickly becoming the number one gift for a bride to give her groom on the day of the wedding.  We call ours the “Little Black Book” – a gorgeous book featuring fabulous photos of you!

Divas 2

A Gift for Her as well?

Women love to feel beautiful!  We truly believe that boudoir photography is becoming a new way to pamper yourself.  We say: “out with the spa treatments… and IN with a boudoir photoshoot!”

A boudoir session is incredibly empowering.  The absolute best part of our job is helping women see themselves as they are: BEAUTIFUL.  We believe that all women are beautiful, right now, JUST as they are.  When a woman walks out of our studio saying that she feels sexy, we know we have accomplished our goal.

Divas 3

Thank you so much to Kimberlee, Marissa and the entire Boudoir Divas Team for talking with me and sharing your thoughts and lovely photos!




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