Happy Boudoir Friday

Five essentials for a boudoir shoot

Tammy, a Sacramento photographer and owner of Kissed By Tammy, shared this awesome video on the five must-haves to bring to your boudoir shoot.  With Valentines Day just a couple weeks away, boudoir photos are the ideal gift for your man.  Tammy tells you how to do it best:

Episode 20 – 5 things to Bring to your Boudoir Shoot from Tammy Nguyen on Vimeo.

Check out one of Tammy’s boudoir shoots in action:

Black and White Boudoir with Behind the Scenes from Tammy Nguyen on Vimeo.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Boudoir Friday | Peek A Boo Boudoir

Boudoir Friday

Boudoir Friday

Today’s Boudoir Friday is from Nikita Gross Photography.  Two sessions both wonderful!  Happy Friday I hope your weekend rocks!

Boudoir Friday :: Feature Sarah K Chen

This Friday I have a sexy, classy boudoir session from the very awesome Sarah Chen.  I really love bird cage veils so seeing one used in a boudoir bash makes me HAPPY!  Happy Friday hot pink darlings!

Boudoir Friday

I SO look forward to Boudoir Friday!!  Today’s steaming hot boudoir photos are from Leah Aubrey so sit back,  get a good class of red wine and ENJOY.

Boudoir Friday

Should I start a Boudoir Friday tradition on Hot Pink hmmmmm?  Maybe!  This is Miss J FABULOUS at 40 boudoir session sent in by Krashing Motions Photography.  She is Fabulous and no way she looks 40 :)

Boudoir :: Rock n Roll Bride Style

My friend Kat better known as the Rock n Roll Bride did an amazing Boudoir Session with Julia Boggio and I can’t wait to show you!! I have seen MANY MANY boudoir sessions but this by far is the BEST ever!


Boudoir is Back!!!!

Where do you go to find out about Boudoir Photography……”The Boudoir Divas” of course!  They were kind enough to talk to Hot Pink Brides about this very hawt topic!

Is Boudoir Back?

Last year, we claimed that “Boudoir Is Back”!  Although boudoir photography has been around for many years, there had always been a negative connotation with the word.  A lot of people thought boudoir was nothing more than a cheesy photo session, reminding them of glamour-shots from the early 90s!  We’ve worked hard to create a new definition of what boudoir really is: “Sexy and classy photos, for his eyes only.”


Is it a Gift?

A boudoir album is quickly becoming the number one gift for a bride to give her groom on the day of the wedding.  We call ours the “Little Black Book” – a gorgeous book featuring fabulous photos of you!

Divas 2

A Gift for Her as well?

Women love to feel beautiful!  We truly believe that boudoir photography is becoming a new way to pamper yourself.  We say: “out with the spa treatments… and IN with a boudoir photoshoot!”

A boudoir session is incredibly empowering.  The absolute best part of our job is helping women see themselves as they are: BEAUTIFUL.  We believe that all women are beautiful, right now, JUST as they are.  When a woman walks out of our studio saying that she feels sexy, we know we have accomplished our goal.

Divas 3

Thank you so much to Kimberlee, Marissa and the entire Boudoir Divas Team for talking with me and sharing your thoughts and lovely photos!




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