Boudoir Friday

Boudoir Friday with John G. Las Vegas Photography

Happy Boudoir Friday! John G. Las Vegas Photography is responsible for these stunning boudoir images! If you haven’t yet decided on what to get your husband to be as a wedding present or an anniversary gift, we are pretty sure that he’d LOVE to receive a boudoir album! Get pampered and step out of your comfort zone to do something super sexy for him! Have fun checking out a few of his boudoir images below!

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Boudoir Friday

As it is Black Friday, we thought it fitting to share a couple of our favorite black and white boudoir shots! Enjoy!


Photo credit: Sean Archer


Photo credit: Boudoir Belle


Photo credit: Nikola Borissov

Happy Boudoir Friday

I LOVE Boudoir Friday and know that you do too! How beautiful is this Autumn inspired boudoir shot?! Enjoy and have a fabulous Friday!


Photo credit: Hello Lovely


Boudoir Friday

Happy Boudoir Friday

Happy Boudoir Friday

Boudoir Friday

Boudoir Friday

Boudoir Friday

Are you looking for ways to spice up your already sexy Boudoir Session? Why not use props such as a hat that fits you, your photo shoot theme, your significant other’s job or personality, or one that represents an important part of your relationship.

Check out today’s Boudoir Friday photos with some ideas of how you use hats as props for your sexy Boudoir Session!


Photo credit: Fine Art Boudoir


Photo credit: PhilBrick Photography


Photo credit: Pinterest


Photo credit: Flirt Boudoir




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