Avoid Stress When Putting Together Your Big Day

Planning the perfect wedding can be more than just a little stressful. It can have us at the brink of pulling our hair out and if things don’t come together on the day, it could lead to tears ruining the very expensive makeover that was executed perfectly for the day.


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Getting married is supposed to be one of the most special and important days of your life, but it’s often also remembered for being one of the most stressful. That doesn’t just include stressing on the day either… oh no, the stress can last for months and possibly even years in the build up towards the big day in an attempt to make sure everything turns out EXACTLY how you planned it to be in your wedding scrapbook


But ladies, in case you didn’t know, it doesn’t actually have to be that stressful at all! Here are some of the top tips to making sure your day runs as smoothly as it should do.


  1. Consider paying people to do it all for you

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If you really don’t cope well with stress, the last thing you need to be doing is planning your own wedding. Hiring a wedding planner doesn’t mean that you can’t help shape up your wedding day – in fact, you will make all the final decisions and it will still be exactly how you want it to be. You can instruct your wedding planner on absolutely everything – from what flowers and music you want in the actual ceremony to what food is served and how many glasses of wine are on the house to guests. They will also have all the best contacts for entertainment, bridal attire and hospitality services.


  1. Have everything in one place


It is stressful having to pick a place to tie the knot, a place to get the photos done and then a place to have the reception. One way to stop yourself from getting stressed and being bombarded by numerous calls is to pick a single location to do it all. There are so many hotels that offer package deals and that way, you’ll get it all cheaper as you won’t be having to pay separate companies and so on.


This is also a good idea because it means transportation is so much easier for your guests. It’s all very well turning up to your wedding in a horse and carriage or supercar, but parking is essential for your guests as they’ll likely have travelled from all over the place to be there for your big day.


  1. Share the load with your hubby to be

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Women are often labelled as being nightmare brides in the lead up to their wedding. It’s a running joke amongst people that women want THEIR day to be perfect and everything has to be done THEIR way, with THEIR decisions being the only ones that count. But that’s certainly not the case. There are lots of soon to be grooms out there who want to have their input into day just as much the bride. There are responsibilities you can leave to the groom such as catering, getting the suits for the men sorted and whatever else he might want to get involved in.