6 Easy Ways to Thank Your Wedding Guests in Style

With so much emphasis on the brides and grooms, it can be easy to forget about saying two simple words. Thank You. Guests will often have traveled a long distance to celebrate your union. Maybe they bought expensive gifts or donated their time to help you prepare for the ceremony. A wedding day wouldn’t be the same without your guests.

There are lots of simple yet effective ways to thank friends and family with keepsakes that are worth keeping. The following six tips have been compiled to provide some extra inspiration to ensure everyone is smiling as much as you two are!


Welcome gift bags

A small bag of essentials is perfect for showing gratitude to guest on the wedding day itself. If all of your guests are staying at the same hotel, ask the reception staff to give a handmade bag to each of the wedding parties when they check in. This simple gesture provides a very warm welcome. Fill with mini treats such as luxury bath products and fancy biscuits so they can enjoy some home comforts during their stay.

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Special treats for bridesmaids, groomsmen and top table

Chances are these are the people who have provided you with the most encouragement and love during the planning process. A bachelorette or bachelor party is a treat you can plan a few weeks beforehand.

On the morning of your wedding, say a personal thank you to each of your parties. While the focus may be on the couple make sure that everyone else is feeling good too. Treat bridal and groom’s party to a delicious breakfast and some pampering alongside your schedule.

Gifting each of your bridesmaids a spa day pass will help them relax after looking after the bride! Groomsmen may appreciate a good bottle of liquor or pair of suave cufflinks. You know your wedding party best! So pick out gifts that reflect your personal taste and interests. Mothers and Fathers will appreciate simple yet sentimental gifts such as photo canvases or vouchers for a mini-break. They deserve a generous gift after putting so much effort into your big day.


A subtle way to say thanks

Write a heartfelt thank you note on a chalkboard at the entrance to your ceremony or reception. Do the same on the back of your table markers for guests to read when they take a seat. It doesn’t have to be long or complicated; just a simple thank you for all the support from guests.

Also, make sure to mention guests in your wedding speech. It’s easy to focus on your partner, so try to name-drop a few special people before thanking the entire reception for attending.


Cheap and cheerful keepsakes

You can add your name to pretty much anything you like! Fill mason jars full of snacks for guests to grab when leaving. Candies are usually cheap in bulk and will provide a colourful effect. By adding a ribbon and a mini label with your wedding name and date you can transform a simple item into a gorgeous gift. Music lovers could even provide guests with homemade CD’s featuring their favourite romance tracks.


Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are the first official correspondence you will send out as a married couple. How very exciting! Choose a notecard that reflects your style. You could carry on your wedding’s colour scheme right through to your luxury wedding stationery.

A handwritten thank you note is a traditional and sentimental keepsake for guests. Add in a specific note about the gift they bought you, or a memory from the day. Maybe they were throwing some great shapes on the dance floor? Did they catch the bouquet? Personal mementos will make guests feel truly appreciated.

To save time, you could try using Touchnote. It’s a photo printing app which sends a picture postcard straight to your correspondents from your smartphone. You could even send these out during the honeymoon if you want to keep friends updated from your exotic location!


Provide the best experience for guests

The simplest way to thank guests is to provide a comfortable and enjoyable day. So if you are planning an outdoor wedding, ensure you have umbrellas on hand in case it rains. Provide warm blankets for the evening reception. Even something as obvious as stocking up the bar and ensuring there is enough food to go around will make all the difference. Just think about the next wedding you will go to. What sort of day would you like to experience? If you can cover the basics, you won’t go far wrong.

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