It’s In The Details: Your Wedding Checklist

The one thing that trips up most brides is the details. You can gather your bridesmaids and groomsmen together to help you plan a wedding day but every single bride in the world will always panic that she has forgotten one of the details of her wedding day. It’s like that dream where you’re standing naked in front of everyone you know; you don’t want it to happen and it’s embarrassing if it does!

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Forgetting wedding details doesn’t have to be a huge deal as long as the detail you forget isn’t one of the big ones. For most, being organised is key and the biggest day of your life should be meticulously planned. If you are able to you should absolutely hire a wedding planning service that can be on hand to help you out and make sure you stay calm. Otherwise, get a notepad and pen, you have a list to write!

  1. Outfits: Quite an obvious one but you should be very clear to your groom about colours and styles you want on your wedding day. While you’re thinking of your wedding dress, you need to remember your wedding night lingerie, your shoes and a bag to hold your phone and other bits in. it’s not always all about the dress – the details count!
  2. Venue: Planning your venue is fun but remember to check exactly what comes in the package you get for your chosen place. You want to make sure you’re getting good value for your money so find out whether costs include table and chair covers, the cake knife and stand and a DJ. These details may sound trivial but when it comes to your wedding day, you cannot forget these!
  3. Food: Have you checked whether any of your guests are vegetarian? Sometimes, trying to cater for different tastes and diets is a little too hard but if you’ve ordered finger food catering from Diamond Blue Catering or other such companies, you would be able to order a variety of food that is set for every taste.
  4. Invitations: While you may have remembered the invites, have you included absolutely everything in them? Have you given your technologically-challenged guests a phone number or postal address to respond to in case email isn’t their thing? Have you included the time of the service if you are having a church ceremony? The smallest details can really throw off your guests and if you are choosing to get married in an obscure location, make sure you spend time making up maps to send to each guest.

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The smallest details can really derail a wedding but as long as you’ve made lists, mind maps and you’ve asked, asked and asked again, you should hopefully have every detail fulfilled far enough in advance that you can fix any last-minute mistakes with the minimum of stress. Getting hitched should go off without a hitch and you should know how every second should go. Go and get married; you’re ready!

How to Choose the Perfect Colour Scheme for Your Big Day

Every wedding has its own aesthetic, and creating something beautiful requires artistry and imagination on the part of bride and groom. You must endeavour to create an image that speaks of who you are as people, and your main tools for achieving this will be your theme and colour palette. The two will combine to form the backdrop for your big day, and you want it to have all the loveliness and arresting imagery of a piece of art.

But how you do achieve such an effect? Here are a few suggestions to inspire you…

Selecting a Colour Palette

Different colours conjure different emotions and images: pink is gentle and romantic; white is pure; black is dark and sinister. These connotations are important, and will play a key role in helping to craft the mood and essence of your wedding. Those who want a barefoot ceremony on a tropical beach, for example, may take their inspiration from the natural tones and shades around them, incorporating blue, sand, and coral in their colour scheme. Those seeking something more traditional, on the other hand, may settle for soft, muted pastels and virginal whites.

These colour pairings can be divided into three main concepts, and they’re useful to bear in mind for anyone seeking a harmonious overall effect. They are:


Monochromatic palettes tend to incorporate only one colour, with subtle variations in shade and tone. They are best achieved by choosing a base, and then adding in accents in hues that you would get from mixing black, white, or grey to the original. This creates an elegant overall effect, making it perfect for those who want a traditional, complementary colour scheme.


Analogous colour schemes feature choices that sit adjacent to each other on the colour wheel, such as blue, purple, and magenta. Although their variations are evident, they tend to look pleasing together, creating a bright but beautiful overall effect.


For those seeking to be a little more adventurous, a complementary palette might also be considered. These feature selections that sit on opposing sides of the colour wheel, and although they can be vibrant and eye-catching, the colours used need to be chosen very carefully to avoid a garish end result.

Incorporating Your Chosen Palette

Once you have settled on a colour scheme, you need to start applying it to the details of your wedding. Although you don’t want to go overboard, subtle accents of colour will create a harmonious and cohesive overall effect.

Thus, a few aspects that you might wish to colour coordinate are your:

  • Invitations
  • Flowers
  • Centrepieces
  • Tablecloths
  • Decorations
  • Wedding cake
  • Place cards
  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Ties

Draw it all together, and your wedding will be a day of beauty, elegance, and sophistication, to be looked back upon as the perfect start to your perfect life together.

Basic Invite- Customizable Wedding Stationary

When it comes to your big day, every detail down to that precise shade of coral you’ve had your eye on needs to be exactly right. That’s why Basic Invite is the go-to site for the brides looking to create their perfect wedding stationery suite.


All of the wedding invitation themes on Basic Invite’s easy-to-use website are customizable. Color, text, paper type, positioning—they’re all things you as the customer have complete control over. You’ll also have no problem finding an invite that matches your wedding color scheme perfectly. With over 160 different color options available with delicious names like “soulmate” and “sangrina,” options seem unlimited. Basic Invite have 40 different envelope colors to choose from as well, so your invite is bound to stand out before your guests even open it. Plus, all their envelopes are peel and stick so you can quickly and securely seal your invites without having to lick a single one.


And invitations are just the beginning. Basic Invite offers a wide selection of cards that will cover you from “Save the Dates,” to all those “Thank You’s” you’ll need to send out after all the presents are opened. All of these cards are customizable, and many of their wedding invitation themes are available for these cards too.


Basic Invite is one of the few websites that offers custom samples of your order. For a fraction of what it cost to print, you receive a physical sample of your invitation. This allows you to feel the quality of the paper and see exactly how your design will look before ordering 500 of them. They also offer a “Love it Guarantee” which means if there’s a problem, Basic Invite will reprint qualifying orders for free.

With all their options and services, Basic Invite makes it it’s easy for couples to create high quality stationery products that celebrate one of life’s biggest moments.

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